by fmhilton

In the last week, I’ve been reading and posting under the Twitter hashtag of #YesAllWomen.

For those who don’t have twitter or who haven’t been reading it, here’s a compendium of my own personal tweets from it. All of them are my favorites.

Many of them have been retweeted more than a few times and I think this is a good place to let them stand on their own.


because it’s still stunning to see how many men are offended that women actually speak up. Did we have to ask for permission?

do the dead female victims of domestic abuse “ask for it”? Sure, they wanted to die, didn’t they?

Still true: All women want is for men to stop hurting them emotionally, physically, verbally and mentally. We deserve no less.

because women deserve dignity and respect.

because being called a feminist shouldn’t be an insult.

because if men had to put up with a fraction of what women do, they’d be pissed, too,

because rape jokes are funny only to men…

Is it ever possible to defend your belief in feminism without being called a ‘feminazi”?

Men: are you uncomfortable, or angry enough yet? if you are, that’s the point. If you’re not, keeping reading.

“Why do they hate us?” “Because we’re women and not men.They don’t understand us.”

because “feminist’ is not a swear word.

because if women ever did the same things men do to women, we’d be either dead or in jail. Equality? I don’t think so.

because if we express an opinion we’re ‘crazy’, ‘hysterical’, or have PMS.

because our virginity is rated higher than our intelligence.

because honor killings and female genital mutilation exist in the 21st century.

because women should not have to justify their existence.

because my entire life is not dedicated to making men feel comfortable.

because most male abusers state “Nobody else will ever have you. You’re mine until death.” and mean it.

because many men think it’s all about them. It’s not. It’s about us, and they don’t like it.

because women are still sold to men in marriage, and killed if they refuse.

repeat after me: “Rape is not about sex. Rape is about power and violence. Rape is a crime.”

because when you hurt a woman, you only degrade yourself.

After thousands of tweets, some people still think there’s no problem? I’d say there is.

because girls are killed for trying to get an education.

because when we state facts, we’re whiny victims, who just need to shut up.

because silence is not an option.

because in India and China, girl fetuses are aborted because they’re female.

because sometimes the best person for the job is a woman.

because rape is not about sex. It’s about power and violence.

because if men feel threatened by this, they should look in the mirror to see why.

because rape is never consensual.

because a woman’s place is everywhere.

because our existence shouldn’t depend on men’s acceptance.

because we’re half of the planet and deserve better!

because little girls are still being kidnapped by Boko Haram.

because if you’re not angry, you’re not paying attention.

because being a female isn’t enough to be considered a human being.