Still here after all these years

Not Accepting the Unacceptable

The other day while I was on Twitter, someone posted this on my time line:

To all the #notmypresident clowns. Your identification with this movement is an insult to the democratic system that the western world fights so hard for. You don’t have to like him but you MUST accept him as by not doing so you’re condoning non democratic systems. Shame on you.”

3:58 AM – 28 May 2018 “

To say I was astonished is an understatement. I was not only astonished, I was insulted beyond belief that anyone would even dare say such a thing to any American who happens to protest against Donald Trump and his misbegotten election.

The United States was borne of a revolution against an unjust ruler and system. We fought a Revolution to free ourselves from it. Our founders wrote documents to state our rights to fight against tyranny, to have certain ‘inalienable rights’ and to pursue our lives as we see fit.

They did not intend for us to cower before people such as the writer of that tweet. They did not intend for anyone to dictate what we should or should not believe in, fight against or protest for.

We don’t have to accept a person that becomes President just because they were elected. To do so is to throw out all of our freedoms out the door. Many, many times there have been occupants of the Oval Office who have not been accepted by a majority of the people. They were elected, not ordained by God.

Abraham Lincoln comes to mind when I write this. He was held in absolute and utter contempt by an entire region of the United States, and he fought to retain that region in the country by plea and law. When all attempts to do so failed, he was forced to declare war on them for their failure to accept that their culture based on slavery was not morally right or lawful.

Millions of people in the South died for their beliefs, even when in the end, they were defeated by destruction of a society that was based on the debasement and slavery of a people merely for the color of their skin.

Yet Lincoln was right to do this. We’re still fighting about the color of one’s skin daily-we have racists and racism coming back with a pronounced stamp emboldened and encouraged by Donald Trump. We are fighting the same fight over and over again.

But this time, it’s about a man who would throw our country back to a time when people were enslaved by others for the color of their skin, lynched and killed for attempting to better themselves. To completely dismantle all societal advances back to before Lincoln’s time.

Donald Trump is a utter disgrace to this country and we should fight him and his mentality. He is not by any means a moral or just man. He is not a god, and he is not even close to being a acceptable human being.

This is what freedom and democracy truly means: to fight the unjust and unacceptable with whatever means possible, be it with words, or arms.

And we’ll keep on doing so with every single breath, word and tweet.


We can do no less.



What One Man Would Do


An honorable man would apologize for insults.

An ethical man would not openly and repeatedly lie.

A principled man would not insult others with impunity.

A moral man would not indulge in immoral behavior.

A man of character would stand up for others.

A humble man would be kind.

A smart man would ask questions.

A mature man would face criticism openly.

A religious man would not turn his back on others of different faiths.

A humane man would not be a racist or a misogynist.

A decent man would not be proud of being a called a liar.

A respectable man would not be a braggart about how he cheated others.




This is not who is occupying the White House.

This is not normal, acceptable or allowable.

We must not become numbed to this.

We must not stop being outraged and humiliated by this aberration of humanity.

We cannot allow this person to behave in public with conduct that we ourselves have been taught is not acceptable in our own private lives.

He is supposed to represent the United States of America to the world.

Our values and history.

With every utterance, insult and lie, he stains our nation, our shared goals, past and future history.

He mocks all of it repeatedly with his presence in the Oval Office.


He is proud of his performance.


We are not.


We should not be.

Donald Trump is the worst person to ever hold the office, and when history looks back, our country will be covered in shame for all to see.

There’s been enough of the reality show called “Donald J. Trump” and his entire cast of ethically and morally bankrupt staff.

He must be removed from office.

We must demand that he resign.

If he does not go willingly, he must be impeached and prosecuted.

One way or another, he must go.







Just a Little Girl

The police affidavits published in the paper were horrific.

They described months of brutal beatings, locked closets, whippings with a leather belt, using mop handles to beat her senseless. The whippings took place while she knelt on a linoleum floor to ‘make it hurt more’ with hands raised above her shoulders. They did this 10 to 15 times during a session.

They beat her for over 6 months. Until she finally died.

“The medical examiner found injuries of subdural hematoma, a lacerated liver. Police noted extensive bruising across her head, abdomen and legs, and noted multiple open drying wounds to her knees, according to the affidavit.”

The victim was just 10 years old.

A little girl. Who screamed endlessly while her ‘punishments’ were doled out to her.

Can someone tell me what kind of evil is this?

What kind of monsters do this to a small girl?

Why does this even happen?

How could anyone in their right mind even not notice this?

It’s been stated that many people did indeed report it. To the police, to DHHS, to anyone who would listen.

The police came and took reports. They left and the beatings continued.

DHHS was called. The beatings continued.

The couple had no criminal history in Maine. They continued to beat her.

When she finally did die, the parents plotted how to stage it as an accident. They nearly pulled it off. Except that little girl’s body was a bit too bruised to have been involved in an accident.

Of course the police became suspicious when the physical evidence of massive torture and abuse was finally identified. The medical examiner confirmed it.

By then it was too late.

She was dead.

The victim of monsters, of a system that never bothered to check beyond reports, phone calls and house calls.

I’m sorry if this seems to be a little on the opinionated side, and I don’t really give a good tinker’s damn if it does skew anyone’s judgement as to the parents’ guilt. If you’re going to be on the jury that hears this case, sorry.

This little girl did not ask to be beaten to death. She did not deserve to be mercilessly tortured-although by the time this was over, I’m sure that she longed for death.

I’m sorrowful that she died so violently. I’m horrified that she died so horribly.

I’m sickened by the system that let this go on and a 10 year old girl died from being abused to death by people who thought she was ‘faking her injuries.’

I do know she has stopped screaming and is now at peace.

If there is a Heaven, Marissa Kennedy has earned her rest.

And by the way: her mother is pregnant again.

Why Doesn’t He Just Go?

For all of those (including myself) who want Donald Trump to resign from his office:

Y’all can stop those tweets demanding him to resign.

Because it’s not going to work. Really. I’m not pulling your leg, dissing your tweets or disrespecting you.

I’m telling the truth.

Donald Trump will never voluntarily resign his office.

You want to know why?

Here’s the short list:

He’s an narcissistic egomaniac. He does no wrong in his own mind. He’s never done anything wrong in his entire life. Just ask him.

If you accuse him of something wrong, he’ll turn it into an attack against you, the media, the other candidate, other countries, the entire world. Just not himself.

He’ll drag out poll numbers, Electoral College numbers, faked pictures, fake headlines from fake magazines that he made for himself.

For all of his life, he’s gotten away with lying. Incessant lying. Everyone in his orbit aids and abets his lies because they don’t want to upset his inner child, which is actually his entire being. They don’t want to deal with that toddler temper tantrum. It’s just easier that way.

Ever have a two-year old acting up in public? You know what that’s like, right?

They’ll demand proof that his lies really are lies, justify them, reword them, and then ignore them as being ‘taken out of context’. The fact that they probably believe him isn’t very surprising, is it?

Videos, pictures, statements of past tweets do not deter him or them. They’re all faked, or altered in some way. Deny them all, and he’s good as gold.

In his mind, he’s the innocent bystander who got nailed with fake charges, never met those women, (and he wouldn’t have done that anyway, because they weren’t ‘his type’) he never meant what he said, nobody understands him anyway.

He never, ever apologizes for anything he’s ever said or done. There is no proof anywhere that he ever has, nor will he. He’s done nothing wrong. Everything’s a ‘witch hunt’ and everyone’s out to get him.

So for those of us who are upset with him, he doesn’t care. As he casually said to a reporter in an interview last year: “I’m President and you’re not”. Shades of Chevy Chase!

Which is exactly why he’s sitting in the Oval Office.

Millions of deluded and ignorant people believed that a reality show star was fit enough to become POTUS, and that’s what we have.

A lying, misogynist, megalomaniac racist narcissist who believes that he really is a legitimate POTUS and that he got there without any help from anyone including the Russians.

I doubt that his lawyers would or could convince him to resign. They know they’re working with the worst client a lawyer could ever have-one who does not admit guilt even when presented with overwhelming evidence of a crime. They’re probably all in ultimate despair because they know they can’t win with this guy. Hell, they’ll even lie for him in public.

Which is why we can’t just tweet him out of office. It’s going to take a lot more than that, and for us to waste time doing it is just that. Besides, he never reads anything that he doesn’t want to read, when he’s faced with the facts. They don’t please him. They get him upset. Also, he doesn’t follow anyone but himself. Those tweets never reach his phone or his twitter feed. He’s got them blocked.

There’s only one way for him to deal with reality and that’s from his own little inverted reality where nobody else matters, exists or resides. Not his family, his friends, his country-just him and him alone. Everyone else is just noise and distraction.

Hopefully Robert Mueller will correct this situation and if he’s removed (as many believe Trump will attempt to do) then Congress should demand his reinstatement-but that’s not a given, knowing that the GOP is the party of sexual deviant enablers, who will do anything short of impeachment to get what they want. They really don’t care as long as the ends justify the means of getting there. Who cares about an entire country, or a Constitution?

There is one other option, though-to convince Fox News and all its’ staff to go on the attack against him, and that might be the only way. They’re his biggest fans and the main provider of his world-view. If he loses them, he’s in trouble, and he knows it.

Because when you lose your base, you’ve got no other option but to go with them.

So tweet to Fox News to start the ball rolling. Boycott their advertisers, bombard them with demands for them to start taking him down. By any means possible. Make them sit up and face the truth, for once. Shep Smith is one of the few brave souls who knows the truth and is not afraid to speak it. They all must do it.

That’s the sure fire way to get him to resign-by making his support base go away, and then he will. He won’t be able to withstand the loss of face-by losing their love, he loses the only thing that he’s ever been able to count on-their unconditional love and his own self-worth.

Which is exactly what he fears: his self-image will be shown to be nothing more than charade and made of dust.

That’s the one fear he truly has-to be proven to be worth nothing at all.

Sex and Power

With the seemingly overwhelming reports of sexual abuse coming out nearly every single day, it’s often wondered at by many people, who doubt the reports of abuse and often question the motives, the timing and the reports as being of doubtful authenticity or even real.

The questions the doubters often ask and state are these:


“After so many years, how come they’re coming out now?”


“So what, it was so many years ago-it doesn’t do any good now, does it?”


“If they’d really been abused, they would have said so then. They’re just looking for publicity.”


“Oh, they’re all alike, looking to shame this or that person. They’re jealous..they want money.”


“They could have reported it then. They’re lying now.”

It’s hard for any abuse survivor to come out and state that they have been abused, if not downright dangerous-to their lives, reputation and jobs.

It’s not a question of timing-because many abused people don’t want to ever come forward-and it’s true, they just plain scared of what will happen-because the results are often devastating for them.

They’re terrified that their families will be shamed, targeted and humiliated for having such a person in their midst.


They’ll be hounded day and night by defenders of the abusers, being called liars, and greed driven.


They’ll be fired from their jobs, and deprived of any way to survive,should they dare name those who abused them.

Naming an abuser is an especially dangerous thing-because most abusers hold that power over their victims. Whether or not they’re rich, famous or well-connected, the abuser holds sway over the victim in a most intimate and savage manner.

The victim has been violated-physically, emotionally, mentally and psychologically. The abuser knows it-and depends on it to keep their dirty little secret just that.

Because there’s a set of threats implied in every case of abuse:

  • “If you tell anyone, I’ll hurt you, your family and your friends.”

  • “Nobody will ever believe you. I’m too powerful/rich/connected.”

  • “You will never work in this town/field/job again. I’ll make sure of it.”

  • “You’re nobody. I’m somebody. You’re powerless.”

  • “I’ll have you arrested.”

  • “I’ll sue you for slander.”

With every threat, the abuser digs their claws into the psyche of the victim, who believes all those threats-because they’re real.

Victims have been fired, sued, and mercilessly attacked by media, strangers and family for having dared do the unthinkable-calling out their abuser.

Some don’t survive the onslaught of vilification-they often are suicides. Others do survive, but only by retreating into their safe space where silence is preferable to coming out of the iron closet of victimization.

It’s a very dangerous thing to name your abuser, because often the results are just often too much to deal with.

It takes real courage to stand up and take names-and those who are now coming out to state their abuse should be rewarded with at least respect for having dared to come forward.

They’re braver than their abusers, because they don’t hide behind the facade of being too powerful or rich to stay silent.

Abusers count on that silence to continue their abuse. They hope their victims never speak up because their crimes will never come to light. They’ll never be punished for something they had the power to stop, if only they had not been so monstrous.

So now the tide is slowly turning-and more people are daring the unthinkable: naming the names that others hold so high as being more important.

And of course, I must now name mine. Long dead, but never dead enough for my taste:

Ned Strauss.

May he rot in hell. He victimized me repeatedly at his place of business. He was too powerful and rich to be named when I was younger.

Nobody would have believed me. I was just too young and powerless .

Of course others knew about him, but they didn’t speak up, either.

He was a sexual predator.

It doesn’t matter now, does it?

He got away with it.

Don’t let anyone else get away with it.
Speak up.
Don’t let your abuser have the last word.
Don’t let them destroy your life.
Take the power of the truth back.
Reclaim your life.

Dear Dad


Dear Dad:

It’s been a long time-27 years since we last spoke or saw each other. I’ve thought about you nearly every day since then, and right now, I’d like to hear your thoughts on what’s happened to our country since you left.

But since you’re not able to talk, I’ll tell you what has happened, briefly while you’ve been gone:

We’re still in the Middle East. Lucky for you not to have seen what happened on that day in 2001. We really reaped the rewards for our invasion of Iraq and helping Hussein in driving out the Kuwaitis on that day. In spades.

Hussein’s no longer running Iraq. Nobody is, except the Taliban when they’re active and others when they’re not. It’s gone badly for them-and for us, even when we helped them re-establish their government when we took him out.

Who knew that some guy named Osama Bin Laden would take his revenge so long and in cold blood? We still haven’t gotten over the shock of that and we’re still there. Afghanistan to be precise. Why, we don’t know, except that the military industrial complex is getting rich off all those bodies.

Yeah, you were right. Oil should not have been the reason, but it was. We invaded that country and got back nothing but bodies. That was after we’d been attacked by the aforesaid Bin Laden-but that’s a story you don’t want to hear. It didn’t go well.

We’ve gone through 4 Presidents, 4 elections and now we’re stuck with a jerk named Donald Trump. Yeah, that Donald Trump. He got the idea to run for the office, despite the fact that he doesn’t know diddly-squat about government and in the process has trashed our country thoroughly.

You’d be ashamed of us now. This country that you fought the Nazis for has gone back to its’ racist, white Nationalist thing. You suffered for nothing. Your comrades died for nothing.

The Commander is Chief is a racist Nazi sympathizer, and he never served a day in the military either-because he got 4 deferments for a bad foot or something. He’s a fake president elected by people who clearly have no brains in their heads.

Evidently they were pissed off that America did have the first black president in its’ history-and was on the verge of having a first woman as well, before they got him elected. Needless to say, he wasn’t a popular vote winner-just the electoral college. Otherwise, he’d have lost.

Oh, speaking of foreigners, you’d be shocked to know that North Korea is a real threat now. Remember when you had to stay at the Pentagon for nearly a week during the Cuban Missile Crisis? Remember that feeling?

It’s back. Only problem is that we have Trump as president and an equally crazy guy named Kim Jong Un (grandson of the Korean leader that was in power when you were around) running North Korea. They’re both infantile narcissistic children intent on seeing who can be the biggest blowhard in the schoolyard.

So far we’ve not launched any nuclear missiles, but it’s not comfy reading Trump on Twitter (a gadget you’d not believe if you saw it..) threatening nuclear retaliation. Kim has been practicing with his own missiles on a weekly basis-mostly they’re duds..but still it’s not reassuring to know he can get them into the air.

I don’t think you’d want to be here right now-because this country has drifted from its’ moorings so badly that we’re on the verge of getting adrift with no rudder at all. The Congress is worse than usual-all talk and no action, even with a bombastic no-nothing leader.

The GOP adores him, or did-until he started trashing them as well. They’ve been eagerly doing nothing and getting paid for it. They’re definitely not “profiles in courage” with their lack of ethics or morals.

Trump has decided that everything good that any other President did (and that was his predecessor-the first African-American president, Barack Obama) was useless and should be gotten rid of. All those nice things like the EPA, worker rights, equal rights, civil rights and basic health care are no good to him because they’re good for other people who aren’t rich like him.

Oh, but that’s the least of his wrong-doings-he and his campaign are being investigated for possible interference in the election with help from the Russians during it. Unbelievable, isn’t it? That a sitting President would be accused of possible treason! Oh, but he does love those Russians and so did most of his campaign staff, at least from what little we’ve heard from the special prosecutor so far..

No, this isn’t the same country you left 27 years ago. Just as well you did, too-because you’d be just as pissed off as I am and every other American is who used to be proud of this country.

It doesn’t act like America anymore-and I’m pretty sure you’d not be proud of calling yourself one either-just like I am. It’d bring tears to your eyes. It certainly does me.

So in closing, I’d like to say thanks for having not read this, because you’d be just as depressed and angry as I am. While I’m not happy ‘celebrating’ this day, I’m thankful that you’re not alive to see it.

With all my love,

Our National Delusion

When Donald Trump first announced that he was running for President, a lot of people claimed,

Oh, it’s a joke. He won’t last.”
“He’s not serious.”
“Hillary Clinton will easily win”.

When Donald Trump said all those awful things about other people, many supporters stated:

“He was only joking.”
“He doesn’t mean that.”
“It’s just an act”.
“He’ll apologize”.

When Donald Trump’s greed, racism, lies and lousy business sense was so starkly revealed in many articles, it was foretold:

“Oh, that was the past. He’s gotten better.”
“It doesn’t matter. he’ll divest his businesses.”

When Donald Trump was elected, it was claimed that he would be a great president:

“Oh, he’ll grow into the job”.
“He’ll learn on the job.”
“He’ll make America great again”.

Even Donald Trump repeated those last few lines. He proclaimed them all to be true.

Now that we’re 7 months into his Presidency, many people cannot believe that they once actually believed that Donald Trump was fit for the role he is play-acting at, badly and dangerously.

That all those claims were patently false.

Or that they voted for the worst President in American history.

He’s revealed himself to be a Nazi sympathizer, a bully, braggart, pathological liar, and all those terrible other qualities that everyone claimed were just an act. He’s pushed us into more than a few corners.

He has become our national nightmare, one that we cannot wake up from.

He has no redeeming qualities.
He has not proven anyone right-except those who kept trying to get the truth about him out.
He has not become a presidential President.
He has not pivoted.

If anything, he has proven beyond a shadow of any doubt that he will never be anyone but Donald Trump, a loathsome being with no character, ethics or moral balance.

He is totally without the morals, empathy, decency or intellect demanded of any President. He has proven beyond a doubt that everyone who claimed otherwise was wrong.

And that an awful lot of Americans who voted for him were deluded and stupid.

It’s a very heavy price to pay for being obtuse to facts staring you in the face.

Next time, when someone shows you who is he, believe him.

He’s not lying.

The Undoing

For months, I’ve been watching Donald Trump play a POTUS on Twitter and TV. I’ve been disheartened, depressed and dismayed, not to say, astonished at how malign and corrupt Donald Trump, his family, aides and administration are.

It was so avoidable, too, if people had even paid the slightest bit of attention to him back when he was just a broke developer, and desperate to remake his fortune.

Spy Magazine, as well as a handful of other reporters, did interviews with him, and they discovered that he was a fraud. They wrote their pieces and those were filed under the heading, “Nobody cares..”.

It would have been wiser to actually listen to the man before this to see the state of his character-but he was blown off as a blow hard, and just an amusing fool.

Then he got elected to POTUS by the sheer ignorance of people willing to overlook his faults.

Now we’re watching just how corrupt administrations get caught out-by sheer stupidity and contempt for the rule of law.

His lies are so many that the NY Times and the Washington Post both keep active articles on them.

And I’m not even talking about Russia. Stiffing small contractors, bamboozling ordinary, innocent people into giving him money for fraudulent college courses. Going broke with his companies 4 times. Walking away from them without a scratch.

But the real problem isn’t really all about Trump-it’s about how much character and morality we, as a nation, have surrendered in exchange for not having to think about our actions or even caring to be citizens by voting at all.

More than a few people voted for him, believing all his words were true. They’re getting shafted by his rolling back Obamacare. They won’t like this. But they still defend him..and will continue to do so even given over-whelming evidence of treason and conspiracy to commit election fraud.

That says a lot about our character, doesn’t it, when a known liar and cheat (not to mention womanizer) is elected to POTUS by saying “You’re fired!”.

Now we’ll have to squint our eyes because we just got rolled by DT, due to our lack of critical thinking. We get to pay for our sins twice:

Getting him elected cost us millions, and getting him impeached will cost millions more. It’s not cheap to remove a POTUS, and it’s not pretty.

But it has to be done, immediately. He’s too dangerous, unstable and possibly the closest successor to Benedict Arnold. Sitting in the Oval Office.

Treason is such a nasty word, isn’t it?

Ms. Ali and Trump

The other day I was visiting my neighbor, Ms. Ali for coffee-ranting and raving over the continuing inability of Trump supporters to finally see what was wrong with their choice of POTUS.

“All they do is blame the media, the liberals, and everyone else for attacking Trump. They don’t see what we see! Why is that? What can we do to change their minds?”

Ms. Ali sat and looked thoughtful.

“Have you ever had an opinion of someone or something that nothing could ever change, until you personally found it to be wrong?”

“Well, yeah, but I’m capable of change, too. They aren’t! They keep calling people like me ‘snowflakes’, telling us to move to another country, and things like that! ”

Ms. Ali continued on:

“Yes, they do-but you’re wrong on one point-those people can change as well, given time. It’s not that they’re totally incapable of change, just that they haven’t been made aware of the possibility that they might be wrong.”

I protested-“But they’re always so one-note-that DT is nothing like what everyone says he is. That he’s smart man, that he means what he says, he’ll deliver on his promises, and that we’re wrong to question him.”

“Perhaps there is another explanation for this-and it’s pretty simple when you look at it.”

“And how is that?” I asked.

“When you’re brought up to believe in a set of ‘rules’, you tend to believe in them until they don’t work for you anymore.”

“Many of these people have not been outside of the country, have never used Twitter, don’t know how to use a computer, don’t read the New York Times or the Washington Post every day. They read their local paper, talk to their friends and family, get their news of the world from one or two TV stations and the local radio station. That’s their ‘sphere of information'”.

“They don’t know how Donald Trump is so different from them. They want someone to talk to them in their jargon, not the ‘political’ one that so many politicians do. Hillary Clinton was seen as remote..and a woman to boot. Donald Trump was on TV, being a boss. They can relate to him. ”

She continued:

“For them, Hillary was a threat to their way of life. Many people don’t like women in power. That’s been true for a very long time. When she became a leading contender, they shied away from her because of the flimsiest of excuses..those emails. But it would have been something else, had those not been available. She was not acceptable.”

“Donald Trump, on the other hand, was-being a big businessman, with all kinds of money, must have been smart to do that. What they didn’t learn was how he got that money-not that would have made much difference, but still-he was a man, doing this ‘man’s job’ they thought should be only for a man.’

“Yeah, sexism is still here, in this day and age..but that doesn’t answer the question. How can we change their minds?” I asked her.

“That’s not as easy, but it can be done-it does take humility, though. Remember the first time you ever found out that you were totally wrong on something, and were embarrassed to have to apologize for it? How agonizing it was for you to do that?”

“Or perhaps you did something that you shouldn’t have, and you have no way of ever correcting it? That apologies will never completely rectify? How did that make you feel?”

I sat and thought..”yeah, I can think of a couple of things and times..and it can be pretty humiliating to go apologize for something really stupid that I shouldn’t have done.”

Ms Ali said:

“Then translate that to all those voters who voted for Donald Trump who are finding out or will find out what kind of man he really is. It calls into question their intelligence and wisdom in voting for him. It calls into question their entire belief system..because if Donald Trump is as bad as everyone says he is, why were they so fooled for so long? What were they thinking? It makes them feel foolish and ashamed of themselves. Not a good thing to feel, really.”

“That’s why you should just keep on keeping it focused on him, not them. They’re not the problem-they did their part, but the man they elected was the wrong one, and they just have to be made to see that they’re not guilty of being stupid-they just got fooled by a great con man who doesn’t care about anyone but himself.”

“Because in the end, people can change their minds if given the right reasons for it. Donald Trump is the wrong man for the wrong reasons, and they should be given all the information to make the better choice the next time. Which means that we all have to stop hating one another for the wrong reasons and start taking back our power to change the system.”

She makes sense, doesn’t she?

That Crying Baby

A very long time ago, after a very enjoyable vacation, I took a flight back from Europe. This entailed 8 hours of utter boredom and cramped quarters with strangers. Usually these kinds of trips are pretty tedious and routine in their passage.

Unless you’re seated near a crying child or baby.

Have you ever been in a totally nerve-wracking and panic-inducing situation like this?

Then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

The child (no more than 4 or 5) would not stop crying or whining.

For nearly 8 hours.

There were about 300 people on that flight. All of whom heard that child howling, crying, whining and generally making our ears hurt with an intensity that was overwhelming.

It was, in short, a maddening flight. Thoughts of murder probably went through everyone’s minds every 4 seconds-or if whether they could really get away with putting the child in the cargo hold, or opening up one of those doors.

The parents seemed helpless to stop it. After a while, they were as defeated and depressed as the rest of us were.

The stewardesses undoubtedly were huddled in their compartment wanting to feed the child a bottle of something very alcoholic. They bore stoic expressions all the time they were feeding their passengers. A few very blatant comments were hurled about-but no violence, surprising given the amount of incitement.

In other words, we all suffered. For nearly 8 hours. We finally got much-needed relief when about 1 hour from landing the child fell soundly asleep. The cheers were indeed audible. The sighs were loud. The oaths to “Never fly again with a crying baby” were made.

Now, jump forward to today. I’m sure that those parents are long over those days, and the child in question is a grown adult. Hopefully not having grown up to be an adult whiner.

But-we are still faced with the problem of that crying baby today.

He’s named Donald Trump, and he’s a 70-year-old version of that baby on the plane. Constantly crying, and whining about how life is unfair to him, how the media is mean to him and that when there’s a possibility that he or his associates are being investigated for possible illegal activity he calls it a ‘witch hunt’. His constant strain is “I don’t deserve this!”.

We have that baby all over again. One who has been sworn to uphold and defend our country and Constitution, but feels that life owes him a pain and criticism-free existence.

To be blunt, I’m getting very tired of hearing how he’s being treated so unfairly when he brought on all of his problems on himself.

So I have a little suggestion to this adult crying baby:

Either resign or shut the hell up.

Deal with it, because we’re very tired of your pathetic attempts at sympathy that is not forthcoming, despite what you think.

Because it’ll do all of us some good to have silence from the Whiner in Chief.