The Undoing

by fmhilton

For months, I’ve been watching Donald Trump play a POTUS on Twitter and TV. I’ve been disheartened, depressed and dismayed, not to say, astonished at how malign and corrupt Donald Trump, his family, aides and administration are.

It was so avoidable, too, if people had even paid the slightest bit of attention to him back when he was just a broke developer, and desperate to remake his fortune.

Spy Magazine, as well as a handful of other reporters, did interviews with him, and they discovered that he was a fraud. They wrote their pieces and those were filed under the heading, “Nobody cares..”.

It would have been wiser to actually listen to the man before this to see the state of his character-but he was blown off as a blow hard, and just an amusing fool.

Then he got elected to POTUS by the sheer ignorance of people willing to overlook his faults.

Now we’re watching just how corrupt administrations get caught out-by sheer stupidity and contempt for the rule of law.

His lies are so many that the NY Times and the Washington Post both keep active articles on them.

And I’m not even talking about Russia. Stiffing small contractors, bamboozling ordinary, innocent people into giving him money for fraudulent college courses. Going broke with his companies 4 times. Walking away from them without a scratch.

But the real problem isn’t really all about Trump-it’s about how much character and morality we, as a nation, have surrendered in exchange for not having to think about our actions or even caring to be citizens by voting at all.

More than a few people voted for him, believing all his words were true. They’re getting shafted by his rolling back Obamacare. They won’t like this. But they still defend him..and will continue to do so even given over-whelming evidence of treason and conspiracy to commit election fraud.

That says a lot about our character, doesn’t it, when a known liar and cheat (not to mention womanizer) is elected to POTUS by saying “You’re fired!”.

Now we’ll have to squint our eyes because we just got rolled by DT, due to our lack of critical thinking. We get to pay for our sins twice:

Getting him elected cost us millions, and getting him impeached will cost millions more. It’s not cheap to remove a POTUS, and it’s not pretty.

But it has to be done, immediately. He’s too dangerous, unstable and possibly the closest successor to Benedict Arnold. Sitting in the Oval Office.

Treason is such a nasty word, isn’t it?