That Crying Baby

by fmhilton

A very long time ago, after a very enjoyable vacation, I took a flight back from Europe. This entailed 8 hours of utter boredom and cramped quarters with strangers. Usually these kinds of trips are pretty tedious and routine in their passage.

Unless you’re seated near a crying child or baby.

Have you ever been in a totally nerve-wracking and panic-inducing situation like this?

Then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

The child (no more than 4 or 5) would not stop crying or whining.

For nearly 8 hours.

There were about 300 people on that flight. All of whom heard that child howling, crying, whining and generally making our ears hurt with an intensity that was overwhelming.

It was, in short, a maddening flight. Thoughts of murder probably went through everyone’s minds every 4 seconds-or if whether they could really get away with putting the child in the cargo hold, or opening up one of those doors.

The parents seemed helpless to stop it. After a while, they were as defeated and depressed as the rest of us were.

The stewardesses undoubtedly were huddled in their compartment wanting to feed the child a bottle of something very alcoholic. They bore stoic expressions all the time they were feeding their passengers. A few very blatant comments were hurled about-but no violence, surprising given the amount of incitement.

In other words, we all suffered. For nearly 8 hours. We finally got much-needed relief when about 1 hour from landing the child fell soundly asleep. The cheers were indeed audible. The sighs were loud. The oaths to “Never fly again with a crying baby” were made.

Now, jump forward to today. I’m sure that those parents are long over those days, and the child in question is a grown adult. Hopefully not having grown up to be an adult whiner.

But-we are still faced with the problem of that crying baby today.

He’s named Donald Trump, and he’s a 70-year-old version of that baby on the plane. Constantly crying, and whining about how life is unfair to him, how the media is mean to him and that when there’s a possibility that he or his associates are being investigated for possible illegal activity he calls it a ‘witch hunt’. His constant strain is “I don’t deserve this!”.

We have that baby all over again. One who has been sworn to uphold and defend our country and Constitution, but feels that life owes him a pain and criticism-free existence.

To be blunt, I’m getting very tired of hearing how he’s being treated so unfairly when he brought on all of his problems on himself.

So I have a little suggestion to this adult crying baby:

Either resign or shut the hell up.

Deal with it, because we’re very tired of your pathetic attempts at sympathy that is not forthcoming, despite what you think.

Because it’ll do all of us some good to have silence from the Whiner in Chief.