by fmhilton

As an American citizen, I am totally stunned at how prescient I was (and others as well) when I predicted that Donald Trump would be a walking disaster were he elected President.

I told in so many sentences that he was unfit for the office, in so many ways. It seemed to me that nobody listened, nobody cared. He was elected anyway, by those who believed the appearance of change and the braggadocio that Trump is a master of.

I knew from the moment I wrote From Bad to Worse that this would not end well.

You see, while I don’t know many rich people, I do know people who are a lot like Donald Trump. They’re damaged. They need to justify their existence in any way possible, in every way possible. They’ll lie for it, and deny they lied when found out.

They’ll say anything to gain acceptance, and then when they’re caught out on it, they’ll lie some more. They’ll defend themselves to the death. Nothing is ever their fault. Power makes them even worse. Money only enlarges the problem.

So he’s a rich pathological liar. An emotionally and ethically damaged human being who is President, but at the rate this debacle is going, not much longer. It’s unwinding by the hour.

Because I lived through RIchard Nixon and Watergate. That’s why this is so terribly predictable, only because Donald Trump does not realize how much history he’s repeating.

To be honest, though-Nixon was far smarter. He would not have given the Russians the time of day. He did fire the Special Prosecutor, Archibald Cox, but not the head of the FBI. Nor would he have threatened them in public. Privately, yes-he was famous for having a ‘enemies list’ and he was taped doing it. But not on a medium like Twitter. Not him-he was a very intensely private man. One never knew what he was thinking.

However, he was found out. He was going to be impeached (and undoubtedly removed) when he resigned the Presidency. He was a liar, and a man drunk on power. He felt he had no boundaries, no restraints-but he knew by then he had no choice, because Congress had decided otherwise, which was their prerogative then and now.

Donald Trump is going down the history road that has been traveled before-and if he is wise, he will resign before being totally humiliated by the spectacle of an open trial in the Congress.

He cannot stand being held in scorn, and right now, that’s right where he is. If he really wants to salvage whatever small ego he has, he will resign, and remove all the stain he has left on this country.

We cannot afford to not remove him. He is bringing disaster down on our heads and he is the worst President in our nation’s history. He will be only remembered for that.

The history books will not be kind to either him or us-and both deserve their scorn.

Because some of us believed the lies and suspended our thought patterns for a con man who lied his way into the most important job in our country-which he treated with casual and cruel mercenary contempt.

I’m pretty sure that when I read this article again, I will be ashamed to have been proven right once more. I once believed that we as a people were smarter and wiser than this. Donald Trump dispelled any of that notion.

Sad to say, we elected a fool with money and got played for fools. Shame on us. We’re paying the price of our own folly and stupidity.

The saying was right: “Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it.”

Maybe next time, we’ll get it right.