Name Calling

by fmhilton

Recently I was called a ‘snowflake’ by someone who may or may not know me. Now, normally I wouldn’t be offended or even disturbed by this event. I’m a big girl, and I can take criticism, when warranted (or not).

What got me rather upset is the idea that when one is attempting to show the reasons why one would be of a certain political persuasion, based on facts that have been repeatedly proven, is grounds for other people to call you a derogatory name.

In this case, I was presenting the editorial series from the LA Times that bluntly states why and how Donald Trump is not fit to be president. It is an excellent series, and if you want to read it, here’s the link for it: Our Dishonest President

In my post I had commented that a lot of what the Times was saying was already apparent, had been for quite some time, and that I had already done so long before a lot of the MSM started to discover that Trump is, indeed, a very disturbed person who should not be in the position he holds.

I’m rather curious about why this offends others, and how it provokes them to insult people who might not share their political beliefs.

Hillary Clinton was not a perfect candidate-that much I will admit, and more. She did not do the Democratic Party any favors by calling Trump supporters “Deplorables”. That was over the line and demeaning for her to do. It didn’t help her at all, and probably contributed to the perception that she is a ‘East Coast elitist’ with no empathy or sympathy for the common man.

It also probably cost her a lot of votes and the election. Those who had been willing to overlook her faults and vote for her stepped back and decided otherwise. The Trump supporters, emboldened by her mistake, started to think that they were in the right, and therefore, everyone who voted for her, were in all likelihood, people who called others names as well-and therefore, targets to catcall with the brand of “Snowflake’.

What the Trump supporters overlook is that their candidate acted even worse than Clinton ever did-by openly mocking a disabled reporter on live television, and constantly demeaning others while assuming the mantle of being for the ‘little guy’.

While Clinton has apologized for her mistake publicly, Donald Trump has continued his brand of name calling and derogatory remarks. He has never once apologized for anything he has ever said that could be hurtful or disrespectful of others. He has in fact, doubled down on it while denying that he ever said such things, even when confronted with the proof of it.

It’s very clear that Donald Trump is not fit to be President. That is a fact. It is also a fact that anyone who calls opponents of his presidency derogatory names in their defense of it is not being a rational human being.

Defending a bully for his bad actions by mocking others who oppose him is not a good way to prove your case.

Donald Trump should not get a pass for being a bully, and neither should his supporters who do the same.

Name calling is a horrible way to argue your point and it leads to nothing but hurt feelings and no common ground for an actual and rational discussion of opposing beliefs.

It’s time we all stopped acting like school kids on the playground and started talking to each other like adults with brains in our heads. Let’s show each other a little more respect and understanding.

Just because Donald Trump is a bully does not mean we have to be bullies to each other.

We’re better than that. Let’s prove it.