Our Tainted Country

by fmhilton

No matter how one looks at the picture of this country now, there is no disputing that we have crossed the threshold from being the most respected country in the world to that of being the most corrupt,venal and ignorant-one that deserves the mockery and disrespect given by other countries.

We deserve it without question. We have earned the status of a banana republic. We are an outright laughingstock as a country and a power.

For we have a government headed by a known pathological liar, who is surrounded by sycophants, billionaires and an untold number of unsavory people who would be best described as ‘scum’. They’re running the country-right into the sewer.

He has as a support group his followers, who are for the most part, stupid and uneducated, willing to cheer his incompetence and greed on with lusty cheers-not realizing until recently that he had no intentions of serving them. He serves only himself and his cronies.

Aided and abetted by a supine and equally clueless Congress, which has for the most part allowed him to continue his reign of cupidity unchecked. The Republican party has absolutely no moral leadership, no spine and no intention of changing.

They only look to get re-elected, and hold their noses while rubber-stamping their approval of their leader’s heartless and inhumane policies and executive orders. They don’t even bother with their constituency anymore, because that would need being held accountable. They don’t do that.

The Republicans are as corrupt as Donald Trump is, and they know a fellow traveler when they see one.

The media only assisted with so much as a ‘great ratings!’ when reporting on the election. They enabled his rise without a check on their and his lust for viewers. They are as much to blame as the voters who elected Trump.

Not content with running a campaign based on a platform, Donald Trump and his campaign staff seem to have kept company with the Russians on many levels. Only the FBI now knows how deep this is, and it looks very bad from what James Comey has stated in a public hearing.

Collusion is akin to treason, and that’s what we’re seeing here with the administration-one that is completely and utterly corrupt, capable of selling their very souls for money, which it seems they did with enthusiasm, to a foreign power.

The damage this has done is untold. Watergate was nothing compared to this.

Let’s get real. It’s going to take decades (if then) to remove the stain and taint that Donald Trump has brought on our country. We may never recover our dignity or status as a world power or leader.

We only have ourselves to blame.

The founders would be shaking their heads in shame and weeping for all their lost ideals, with good reason.

They worked so hard to do this right. They fought a war to get it done. So many people sacrificed so much to found this country-and we just threw out 243 years worth of democracy without so much as a “Bye, Felicia.”

And that’s the real shame.