by fmhilton

This is a post that I had hoped to avoid writing. This is a post I did not want to write, did not want to even contemplate writing. I looked closely at my motives, my feelings for the reasoning behind writing it, and I still cannot avoid writing it because it has to be written.

If you had read my previous posts from about March of last year on, you will know that I was and am fervently opposed to Donald Trump as a person and as a president.

You will notice that I do not address him as “The President” even when I know legally he is. I did not vote for him and while I did not vote for his earlier predecessor, George W. Bush, I always called Mr. Bush the President, even when I disagreed profoundly and morally about his tenure in office. I didn’t respect Mr. Bush that much (and still do not), but I knew then that he had come into his office on a solid and respectable legal footing even when he was not prepared for it.

Donald Trump is a another matter. He is not and has never been of presidential caliber. He is totally unfit for the office, and came into it under a huge cloud of suspicion that should have called into question the way he did so. That it has not led to greater questioning is something that the history books will have to report on in the future.

There is traditionally a ‘honeymoon’ period for all new Presidents when they come into office-however brief or long it may be is dependent on their ability to adapt to the office.

Donald Trump has blown away any vestiges of goodwill from any quarter from the very first by attacking nearly everyone and everything every single day on his personal Twitter account. Nobody is safe from his tantrums. Nobody is worthy of respect from Trump-not judges, countries or his own country. He despises everyone equally.

His supporters still ask to have us give him a chance. There are no chances left to give. By his actions and words, he has utterly demeaned the office he holds. He has nominated literally the worst people ever to become his cabinet-billionaires with no ethics, scruples or morals.

In his cabinet he has billionaires assembled to run a country populated by non-billionaires. For the most part they have absolutely no related work experience and no business being in the positions they hold. He has on his personal staff a known quantity of racist Neo-nazis who have become too powerful to be in a position to affect his decisions-and have positioned themselves to do exactly that.

Donald Trump has not divested himself of his ties to his business, even when he stated that he would. He lied then, and he continues to lie daily. He allows his own family to attend important meetings without question. He attacks those who do question their presence in the White House, and attacks those who would seemingly impugn their character by denying them the chance to personally profit from their access to his office.

He has issued executive orders which are constitutionally insane. They go against every ideal that America stands for, every hope and dream we all hold dear.

In short, he has forfeited the right to call himself a capable leader. It is the view of many people that he is mentally ill, unstable, and unfit to hold the office. He has demonstrated no capacity to lead, no ability to do the task he has been given.

We cannot afford 4 years of this. He has already damaged our country in so many ways that it will take decades to recover from it, if ever. He has tarnished our cherished ideals, our way of life and our very existence as a country.

He must be removed from office.

It is no easy matter to demand removal of a sitting President, nor should it be. The last President to actually be in peril of his office was Richard Nixon, who was intelligent enough to understand that his crimes were beyond the pale, and resigned before being formally removed.

Donald Trump has to be removed from office, and the sooner the better for our country. We cannot wait for the next disaster to strike before we find out how truly terrible he is as a leader, because we already know the truth and it is staring us in the face.

Let’s face up to our responsibility as citizens and do the only thing that our founders would have us do, if only for our own survival as a country-by forcing the least fit person in the country out of his office.

Donald Trump must be impeached and removed from the Presidency.

We need to do this. We have to do this.

To do otherwise is to throw the Constitution in the gutter and let it wash away like yesterday’s trash and end our existence as a free nation founded on the words of “We the People”.