On the Record

by fmhilton

I find myself increasingly spending my days avoiding hearing the news or watching it.

I also am spending less time reading the papers in the real world and on line. I now avoid going to their sites, or even sites with any news of any sort whatsoever-entertainment or otherwise.

It’s really hard to do this..as I’ve described before. The urge to know what’s happening is sometimes overwhelming and I have to fight it tooth and nail-but I must do it to keep from getting angry with everyone and in real trouble.

When I do encounter someone who tells me to ‘get over it’, I react to it very forcefully and profanely. I’m tired of being polite to idiots and fools.

No, I’m not in denial, as much as my actions appear.

I’m in a constant silent seething rage.

You see, I was brought up to believe (wrongly, as it now appears) that our country and government are worthy institutions, full of well-meaning and intelligent people who work for the common good of this country.

That our elected officials are working for the will of the people and the noble goal of making us the best country in the world, shining in the darkness as a beacon of hope for others to emulate.

That we’re smart enough to avoid the past brutal lessons of the past-that we learned from other countries’ mistakes and our own.

What I’ve learned in the past 3 months is that this country is full of fools, charlatans, liars and traitors. That nothing I’ve ever believed in is correct or true.

And that I can’t do a damned thing about it, much as everyone says one individual can and must do.

I’ve seen my own US Senator endorse a well-known racist to become US Attorney General and proclaim “He is a different man now from the past”, when nothing of the sort has happened.

When the Republicans declare that all the nominees for the cabinet level appointments are perfectly fine without extreme vetting on their past financial and personal histories-just let them get to be appointed, ok? That it doesn’t matter that those nominees are loaded with conflicts of interest-not a problem. The laws are written for other people, you know.

That the Republicans will rewrite their own rules to allow it to happen without a fight-steamrolling all objections with “Oh, not a problem..” They even attempted to eliminate an office of ethics because obviously it wasn’t needed or wanted by them. Too much hard work to comply with basic human decency, apparently.

When the President-Elect blatantly lies repeatedly on every subject he ever discusses. That this same person is mentally, emotionally, and ethically unfit to serve as President, but nobody calls him out on those deficiencies. Nobody protests when his background as a failed businessman is so overwhelming that it demands closer attention to his conflicts of interest.

That he is actively breaking the laws on nepotism and emolution from the very start.

That we’re fast approaching the failed state status of a banana republic without a fight.

That nobody in public office is worthy of their job-that they all have spines of jelly fish, and the level of cowardice is just plain appalling when it comes to voting or acting for the better good of this country.

That apparently nobody gives a shit about any of it, including the media. They’re the first to normalize this state of insanity. They’re jumping on the bandwagon in droves, to drive up their revenues and readership.

No..I just learned that everything that I was taught from an early age is wrong..and that I am no longer just an American citizen, but an enemy of the state for objecting to all that is wrong in this country right now.

I’m told to move to another country, and to shut up about this state of affairs, that I don’t count any more, my vote was worthless, the election wasn’t rigged and the results weren’t tainted by interference from another country seeking to influence the election with their choice of president.

In the future, when history books are written about this election and the results, I’m afraid that the title will be: “The Big Fatal American Mistake”.

Because that is exactly what this entire time in our history is, without a doubt.

We’ll be paying for it for a very, very long time. We may never get over it, either. We’ll have a country named “The United States of America” but it won’t resemble anything the Founding Fathers framed in the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence.

We’re done as a noble exercise in democracy and idealism. We’ve given up without a fight.

God save the United States, because apparently that’s the only way this country will survive in any form.

I’d like to be proven wrong in that statement, just as I was proven wrong about the election-but I’ve learned to never assume belief is the same thing as reality.

Because the reality is that we’re just as stupid a country and people as any other, and we’re willing to sell it out for pennies on the dollar, to be led by a 5th grade bully with the mentality and speech of a common 2 bit hustler.

Some country this was, huh? Too bad we couldn’t keep it.