From Bad to Worse

by fmhilton

Never in my life have I seen an election, president-elect and the results of ignorance laid out bare for all to see.

It’s a witches’ brew of incompetence, greed, fascism, venality and indifference to morality or decency.

It’s enough to cause utter and complete despair for a country.

No, it wasn’t bad enough that Donald Trump got elected-that one was a stunner. It wasn’t shameful enough that his legion of ‘low-education’ followers are one step away from parading with the sign saying “One True Believer”. It’s not demeaning enough that the president-elect has not stopped using Twitter to communicate his domestic policy before consulting the media.

It’s not horrible enough when you realize the quality of people he’s nominating to run our government-nearly all of whom have practically no government experience in the past. They were, for the most part, all big donors to his campaign. That was good enough for him to consider them capable-but not one of them are competent enough to have had jobs at Burger King in the past.

The real capping instance among many other provocations is the fact that it now appears that Russia deliberately assisted in getting this incompetent fraud and huckster elected. That should sound (and has in fact) huge bells of alarm all over the country, and in Washington.

We shouldn’t really be surprised. Trump did call out during the campaign for the Russians to come and hack us for those emails to Hillary Clinton. They did so with abandon. They did it to make sure he got elected, and to thank them for the favor, he has now nominated the CEO of Exxon-Mobil to be our Secretary of State.

How many ways can you say rigged? He was right-but for his side. It appears that he knew about it, was informed about it and encouraged it. Now he’s awarded the Russians for their loyalty with a man who’s a personal friend of Vladimir Putin as our chief foreign policy guy-and who also got a medal from the Russians for being so nice to them.

Where does this stop? It will not be undone by the votes of the Electors-nice magical thinking there, but that won’t do it. Nor will Congressional committees to investigate the hacking, unless it leads to actual legal charges. It won’t come from bashing him on Twitter. It won’t be because of editorials in the NY Times and the Washington Post.

It will have to be a groundswell of public outrage and an active bi-partisan effort to get him legally removed from office before he’s had a chance to damage it and our country forever.

It’s in the Constitution-several articles in that document address the problem of having a man so far removed from the abilities of being President to be legally severed from this position.

I suggest that the best and brightest legal minds begin by investigating the legal options to do it, and soon. It took over 3 years to remove Nixon from office, but that looks like peanuts in contrast to what Trump is capable of doing before he even takes the oath of office.

In short, we now have a President-elect who is so unfit and unqualified to hold this office that it demands that we not give him a chance to be in it for more than a few months-and we’d better start doing something about it now.

Because too much is wrong in having Donald Trump as President. It’s wrong in more ways than you can ever possibly imagine-and we’re going to pay a steep price for being such suckers that he must laugh every night when he goes to bed:

“Ha! Pulled another one over their heads! It’s nice to be President-elect!”

Let’s not let him have the last laugh.