That Dreadful Feeling

by fmhilton

Have you ever had those days when everything you read makes you cringe or wonder what the hell is going on in this world?

Me, too.

I can’t stand to read the papers on-line any more, or even in the real world. I can’t watch the evening news without shutting it off after the headlines.

Now, this is very bad for me. I am a literal news-junkie. Love to hit every single important news site-the NY Times, Washington Post, even the smaller papers of the Portland Press Herald and the Lewiston Sun-Journal. Heck, I even read the Huffington Post, Daily Beast and Salon magazine.

Or I used to.

Seems though, now that I can’t stand to hit those links, because every time I do and read the headlines or the sub headlines, it makes my stomach turn and my fear factor go up a notch or two.

Ever since Donald Trump was elected President, the headlines have been full of the changes he’s making, and they’re all bad to read.

He’s bringing in people to run the government who aren’t fit to hold jobs at Burger King. He’s proposed so many drastic and bad things that if they are carried out, millions of people will suffer from them-among them, his own army of supporters.

Privatizing Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, schools. Building walls and deporting millions of people. Telling everyone that if they burn flags they should be jailed or stripped of their citizenship. Nominating people to the DOJ who believe that anyone who isn’t white doesn’t deserve respect, or rights.

Nominating the same people who stole our money, our houses and trashed the entire economy for their own profit to run the Treasury Department. Hiring advisors who are white supremacists. Making the Secret Service pay for the privilege of protecting him in NY at our expense.

Cutting the funding for science, education, the EPA. Bringing back coal mines. Using public lands for gas and oil development. Appointing SC justices on the basis of scuttling rights to health care.

No, it’s not pleasant to read this, and it’s on a daily basis. Plus the fact that he does most major announcements on Twitter. Now, I ask you, is this a normal guy?

I know it isn’t. What he thinks, does and tweets is literally turning this country back to the 1900’s in a way that I’ve never seen before.

Where nobody is protected from the ravages of big corporations having their way to destroy our lives. Where everyone is a profit point, and can be bought for pennies on a dollar.

His proposed cabinet is full of millionaires, billionaires and petty thieves who are just in it for the glory and the money.

Just like him.

He’s not making America great again-or even draining the swamp. He’s doing exactly what he wants and that was to get as much out of it as possible without having been held to account.

The swamp is getting stocked with mean, hungry alligators.

The only people who are powerful enough to stop this guy are the most craven: the Congress.

The majority of whom are Republican and are very willing to lie down and let him step over them. They’re trampling over each other trying to accommodate him. They’re his major cheerleaders.

My question is: When does this nightmare train to hell stop?

Because it’s not stopping at the train station that reads “Welcome to America, land of opportunity”, but rather to the station where the sign reads, “Work makes you free.”

Guess I’ll just have to stop reading the papers and listening to the news for the next 4 years, because I feel that the world has just gone insane and we’re not only the audience but the victims of the worst political upheaval in our lifetimes.

That’s not a good feeling – it’s guaranteed to ruin your digestion, and life.