Stand up and Fight

by fmhilton

It is with a very sorrowful and heavy heart that I write this post.

It has become very obvious to me and millions of other people that we have a totally unfit and corrupt man who has been elected President of this country.

The past week has shown more than cursory evidence of this statement.

He has appointed a well-known racist to be his chief of staff-Steve Bannon.

He has nominated Jeff Sessions to be Attorney General of the country. If you don’t remember your history well, Sessions was shut down as a racist a very long time ago when undergoing confirmation for a lesser post. He was not confirmed.

Trump himself has refused to communicate fully with the State Department in dealing with foreign leaders, and has been in talks with his own company during the transition-a clear violation of federal rules regarding blind trusts.

He has refused to create one for his business.

He has proposed having his children be entrusted with security clearances to be able to discuss national security issues. Nepotism at its’ worst. His daughter was in the same conference as he was during the visit of the Japanese Prime Minister. She had no business being there.

He has taken to being on Twitter, decrying the cast of Hamilton’s plea to his VP after a performance.

He’s refused to openly disavow the racist rhetoric and attacks going on in his name.

He has welcomed with open arms some of the biggest Wall Street names, to be proposed as leaders in his administration. Those same people who drove the economy down to the ground during the last recession. They’re gleeful about the prospect of being able to fatten themselves at the trough, and in doing so, weaken or abolish most of the protections we have against their greed and criminal activity.

He settled the lawsuit regarding Trump University. Imagine-an incoming president having done that to avoid a fraud conviction.

This is only the beginning, too. He hasn’t even been inaugurated yet. 2 months to go, and we have a full-fledged disaster coming at us full-force.

We cannot let this happen.

We must take back this country from this man and his political and business cronies.

He will only destroy everything this country stands for.

I will be writing my Senators to urge them to take action in blocking any nominations of his appointees. The Senate is the blocking wall, and if they do not do something to stop this travesty of a future president, we are lost.

Please, sit down and write or call your Senators and Congresspeople. Urge them to listen to the American people in a plea for our country.

To do no less is to betray our country and our Constitution. It’s very apparent that unless we do, we will have a dictatorship which will drive a stake into it.

And he’s still not my president. Never will be.

He’s not anyone’s, nor should he be.