Suffering the Consequences

by fmhilton

The election is over, and the people have spoken. Donald Trump is now the President-elect.

No, this is not the post where I publicly rescind everything I wrote in the past. I will never still accept him as my President, because he’s not. He does not represent me, or my views.

I did not vote for him, for many reasons-but I, like many others (better paid to do so, too) have pondered why this happened and what will happen now that he is.

He ran on the platform of populism-for the common person. Now, I can understand why people would vote for such a theme, and I don’t blame them at all. It’s very hard to turn down the prospect of jobs, and a better life.

What is not understandable is why anyone would want to not look past the facade and take a harder look at what he really is, and represents.

Let’s face it-he’s a billionaire (if what he states is the truth), and he’s never wanted for a damned thing in his life. Money, a job, a place to live, access to the best health care, etc.

He was born with the proverbial spoon in his mouth. He went to good schools, graduated from Wharton Business (which they would rather he not mention), and took over his father’s properties and empire when his father died.

In other words, he is the 1% that the 99% resent. He doesn’t know what suffering is. He doesn’t know what discrimination is. He’s never been turned down for a job, never had to suffer from hunger, or homelessness.

So he comes from the part of the planet which rules the other part. He is in essence the guy you hate because he cut in front of you if you’re in that line. He’s the one who always says “Do you know who I am?” to staff at a restaurant or hotel. He’s entitled to it, and he makes sure they know who he is. Hell, he usually owns the place, too.

That’s the important part that most don’t get. He is the last person to need this job of presiding over a country that has millions suffering from the consequences of the 1% running amok over us.

Then you will not misunderstand that when he is playing this role, he’s just playing himself, and the people around him will continue on their agendas, unhindered by the fact that he lied to everyone, including himself. They will continue their rule.

Nothing will change. Not the politics, the people or the mindset-‘we’re in charge of this country, you just stay out of our way-and thanks for your vote”.

And you’ll start to understand that this is not the right person to do this job. Hillary Clinton had tons of baggage, true-and while she wasn’t perfect, she at least had some knowledge of living on the edge. She knew the challenges facing most people.

Which is why we’re going to be living on the edge for quite some time to come.

The most unfit person running the country has no clue where this country came from and couldn’t really care less. All he wants is the publicity and ego stroking.

The rest of us have to suffer while he gets what he wants, and the 1% gets everything we’re denied.

Because the American Dream is just that-for only those who can afford it.

The rest of us are still going to suffer, no matter what the campaign slogans said.