Not My President

by fmhilton

So this is the reality: Donald Trump is the POTUS.
Voted in by people who are pissed off at the establishment in Washington.

Let me get this right, though.

We now have a President who:

Was a draft dodger-4 times during the Vietnam War. He’s now the Commander in Chief.

Cheated on his taxes-he avoided paying taxes for 20 years. He hasn’t released his taxes yet, either.

Was a serial philanderer-with 2 of his 3 wives. 2 of whom were immigrants.

Has been seen quoted as saying “Grab them by the pussy. They’ll let you do anything when you’re a star.”

Has been accused of groping, and stalking women, by multiple women.

He’s being sued for fraud in Federal Court.

Has had more businesses fail through bankruptcy. First president to have done this.

Has openly insulted entire groups of people: Muslims, disabled people, women, Mexicans, Hispanics, veterans.

He believes that everyone not white should be deported.

He’s never held elected office in his life.

My question to everyone who voted for him is this:

What the hell were you thinking?

He is not fit to hold the office.
He isn’t about ‘change’. He’s about keeping his friends in high places there, keeping the rest of us in our places, like good little sheep.
He’s not about uniting this country. He’d like to throw out half of us because we’re not the right color, heritage or sex.

The only reason I can see why he won is simple:
He wasn’t a female.

Females are dangerous. Intelligent, thinking, hard-working females are to be feared.

Funny thing is, a whole shit load of Republican women voted for this travesty.


You want change?
You got it in spades-all the way back to the 1950’s of make believe happy families, which wasn’t true then, and never was.

Guess what?

We just lost 50 years of social progress because

God save the United States, because nobody else will.

We were sold out by idiots to be led by an idiot with the IQ and temperament of a 12 year old.

Thanks a lot, everyone.

It was a nice country while it lasted.

I will never accept him as my president, not now, or ever.