Real Americans

by fmhilton

During this election season, Donald Trump has made his campaign one of ‘no immigrants allowed’.

He insults with impunity all those who have other colored skin than white, he criticizes those who have come here looking for opportunities as bums and welfare cheats.

He casts aspersions on the characters of those who have ‘other’ ethnicities for having had the audacity to be born that way.

Never mind that he’s the great grand-son of immigrants (who changed their name..), never mind that 2 of his wives were immigrants.

No-he’s talking about everyone else. Muslims, Hispanics, anyone who does not fit into his little parade of white privilege.

So he thinks that being an American should be decided on race and religion.

It happens that he’s American and proud of it. Descended from immigrants.

So am I, but don’t start frothing at the mouth-because my ancestry goes way back beyond his, and I can honestly claim that some of my ancestors built this country from the ground up.

But in doing so, I’m going to break a few myths along the way.

My great (x8) grandfather, Levi Durrer is described in one of our family histories as being a kind and good man. That he was born in Scotland and settled in Virginia.

That’s where the myth ends.

The truth of my ancestry is this:

Levi Durrer was not named that-he was born in Germany, and was either recruited, sold into service (impressed) or volunteered for the Hessian Army which was part of the English Army during the Revolutionary War.

I found this information about him from another family member on Ancestry’s boards:

“P.S. I, for one, don’t believe our family came from Scotland. In fact, I’m pretty sure of it. I believe we all descend from a Brunswick soldier, Levin Doerge, who fought for the British during the American Revolutionary War. He is then found as Johann Levien Doerrie(s), born in Arholzen, Braunschweig, Germany, 17 Oct 1749, to Peter Doerries and Anna Margaretha Fischer.”

Yes-you read that right. He fought for the other side.

He probably deserted his post. He most undoubtedly did, because he changed his name and started his family with a name that cannot possibly be genealogically correct. The famous Durer family (which includes Albrecht) had no relation to ours. So, my family made up a relationship. It’s been part of our lore forever. Enshrined in the DAR of Virginia. Sad to say, it’s not real or true.

There were no immigration laws back then. Half of our founders came from other countries-and some of them actually liked their place of birth.

We are all the sons and daughters of immigrants, who took land from the real natives, and then rewrote history to suit our needs.

So when you hear that phrase, “illegal immigrants” you must think back and wonder if you really can stand up and declare yourself a ‘real American’ when you deny the right for other people to come to our country to restart their lives.

Because we’re all descended from immigrants, in one form or another.

Including Donald Trump.