Denial is not a River

by fmhilton

Ever since that infamous tape with Billy Bush and Donald Trump was released, there has been a literal firestorm of accusations, denials, and threats.

From women to Donald Trump and by him.

It’s all been very chaotic, but these facts seems to be very clear:
Donald Trump is a misogynist, sexual predator and a liar.

He’s been caught lying on tape, lying in public, and attacking women for having the audacity to call him out on his predatory ways. He defends his talk as “locker room banter”..which is in turn being vigorously denied by those who actually inhabit some locker rooms.

He has called these women various names, most of which are not very nice. He trashes their looks, their reputations, their lives and their stories.

Then he has the nerve to say that this was all orchestrated by the Democrats and especially Hillary Clinton, while during which time he has also brought up the subject of her husband’s marital infidelity-as if that were proof that she was part of this ‘conspiracy’ to defame him.

Of course the New York Times reported on it, and Trump then threatened (with his lawyer sending off a legal notice to the paper) to sue them for libel.

In a scathing and well-written response to Trump, the Times’ own lawyer said in so many words: “Bring it on!”
The letter noted that Trump himself brought this on-by being taped saying those horrific things, by acting exactly as he was described. That he trashed his own reputation all by himself. They were just reporting what happened.

Funny thing is, Trump’s lawyer and Trump himself have not replied to the letter, which was published in the Times the following week.

You’d think that if someone was so badly defamed and hurt by something like this, they’d be in court the next week screaming for blood.

Not now-because there is nothing to defend in this case. Trump is well aware (if his lawyer isn’t) that being a public figure does not allow for libel in most cases unless it is proven to be published with malicious intent with a clear disregard for the law.

So when you hear about another woman who steps out of the shadows to accuse Donald Trump of manhandling, groping or sexually harassing her, it would only be wise to remember that where there’s smoke there’s usually a fire nearby.

Because these women don’t come from nowhere-they’re telling the truth, and they’re telling us that Donald Trump in essence is a liar who thinks he can do anything he likes with women without consequences.

They don’t gain anything by doing this. They lose more than gain-and they are well-advised to do this kind of public statement only after they’re warned of the consequences.

They know they’ll never get a dime from Trump. What they do want, though is for the rest of the world to know what kind of man Donald Trump is.

Which is less than a man.

One who should never be in a position to govern anyone. He’s got enough on his plate doing so for himself, and badly.

Too bad he never did grow up out of 12th grade sexually or morally.

So to those women who are and were brave enough to come forward with their experiences, I say, “Thank you!”.

They saved the United States by telling the truth.

Donald Trump never has and never will.

Words have consequences.

One of which is never being President of the United States.