Is This Enough?

by fmhilton

This past week there was a video released showing Donald Trump talking to some jerk named Billy Bush about women.

It was a classic full-on sexist display, complete with how he views women and how he moves on them. He implied sexual assault and no compunction to regard a woman as anything other than a sexual object made for conquest.

It is indefensible. It is gross and repugnant. It is also the unfiltered and real Donald Trump on display.

Donald Trump took 10 hours to record an ‘apology’ that wasn’t an apology at all. He stated that he isn’t like this in real life, and that he’s changed.

I call bullshit.

He was 59 when he stated his actual views on women. Can anyone actually change that much in 11 years from being a sexist pig to being a respectful and thoughtful human being?

Answer is, no.

Because he got caught telling his actual mindset..and it takes a major life change to do anything like become a decent human being.

He hasn’t become anything of the sort. He’s only trying to backpedal on the truth of being Donald Trump. It wasn’t an apology, so much as “whoops, I got caught saying bad things and I have to make it look like I didn’t mean it..” while deflecting blame onto another woman.

The truth is that he’s a sexist, racist pig of a human being with money. He’s never worked a day in his life, has cheated, lied and stolen from others in many forms: his wives, his business partners, his family.

There is no such thing as a reformed Donald Trump. He will always be what he is-a shallow narcissist with no soul, empathy or compassion for other humans beings. He is not fit for being elected as a dog catcher and certainly not as President of the United States.

We dare not vote him near the office, because he would instantly degrade and debase it.

We must stop this man from becoming the most powerful person in this country.

To this end, I implore all women, and people who care about this country to please register and vote on November 4th as if it was the only important duty you will ever have.

Because this time-your vote matters.