Drunk Uncles

by fmhilton

Every family has one..the guy who gets a little crazy with their booze and goes off at every family event. The guy you don’t want to see coming to visit you. That guy who others thank their lucky stars that they’re not related to. He mouths off to everyone and about everything. Usually with profanity that even longshoremen would be loath to use, and normally under the extreme influence of alcohol.

AKA the ‘black sheep’ of the family. That one.

It’s bad when you have one in your family..but only you have to deal with him.

It’s even worse when you have one running a state or running for President.

Both Paul LePage and Donald Trump qualify in spades for the title.

Trump, of course, is a jerk-has been from day one and everyone knows it. What’s scary is that he’s running for the highest elected office in the country and thinks he has the cure for everything. He knows how to fix everything-just ask him.

Paul LePage, on the other hand, says he ‘was Trump” before Trump ever appeared.

The difference is that LePage has taken the act further and deeper into the gutter than Donald Trump has, and in doing so, become the national laughingstock of this country.

Not bad for a kid from the streets. Not good for the State of Maine, however.

He’s been Governor for about 6 years now, and his act is getting far worse than even his staunchest supporters could have imagined.

He sends voicemails to public officials loaded with profanity-laced insults. He challenges people to duels. He threatens bodily harm to those who oppose him. He insults people of color with impunity, and derision. This has been his act for 6 years. It’s not funny now and it wasn’t when he was first elected.

In other words, he’s everyone’s drunk uncle, and he’s not getting better.

It’s time for him to go. He’s destroyed whatever credibility he had when elected and now is intent on destroying Maine’s public perception as a state where people treat others with respect. He shows little respect for anyone.

He does not represent the State of Maine and he should be removed from office as being totally unfit to hold it.

He’s proven that beyond a doubt, repeatedly.

Because in the end, drunk uncles destroy everything they touch.