Ultimate Sacrifices

by fmhilton

To anyone who has ever been at a military funeral, the sound of Taps is the worst moment of your life.

Especially if you’re burying a member of your own family who has died in combat.

Underneath the pomp and pageantry of such a funeral, there is never any question of whether or not the sacrifice was in vain. Not then, or ever.

All military people will agree with this. As a military brat, I learned this a very long time ago.

When you serve in the military you are literally putting your life into the realm of possible death. This is also understood.

There is never any question about sacrifice. It’s a done deal.

Giving your life in defense of your country is considered by most people to be the ultimate expression of your patriotism: the sacrifice of a human life in defense of a country.

Because of these credos, what Donald Trump stated recently about a Gold Star family is beneath contempt and a complete insult to the military and the people who have served and will serve our country.

There are 3400 people who were awarded the Medal of Honor-this country’s highest honor for anyone in the military. The compiled stories of their individual heroism are listed at the Congressional Medal of Honor Society, which has maintained the history of this award from the moment it was created just before the Civil War.

They all made the ultimate sacrifice-some of them survived but were forever marked by their deed.

In stating that he has also made ‘sacrifices’, Donald Trump has attempted to cheapen and degrade the military and it’s tradition of valiant service for his own ego. Mind you, he’s never served a day anywhere but on the golf course. He received draft deferments 5 times during his college years for the Vietnam War.

He is absolutely unfit to become President and Commander in Chief-and the sooner the Republican Party finally removes him from this election, the better. There is absolutely no excuse for this pitiful spectacle to go on. His disgraceful and despicable words should never become a platform for hatred and division.

Now more than ever, we must speak up and shout down the hatred. He does not represent this country. He represents all that is wrong with it, all that is shallow and vain.

I send my deepest sympathies to the Khans, who not only sacrificed their son, but endured the worst tragedy any family can go through. Your son did his duty and died serving his country. He should be honored, not made part of a ego boost by a cowardly rich NY developer who thinks he’s a ‘real American’ while bragging about having avoided active service during a war.

In the military, people like Trump are called “chicken-hawks’ and are considered beneath contempt.

Which is exactly what we, the American public, should hold him in. Utter contempt.