It Takes Guts

by fmhilton

Recently, I read an editorial by Bill Nemitz of the Portland Press Herald on why Angus King (Senator from Maine-Independent) went to Hillary Clinton’s side when choosing whom to vote for President.

In the editorial, he pointed out some problems that Donald Trump has in making himself a viable and electable candidate for President-his penchant for lying, uneven and unseemly behavior, and lastly, one particular lack of a trait that is really very important for any president: personal courage.

The incident Nemitz cites is the one where someone tried to rush the stage on where Trump was standing. Of course the Secret Service and the local police contained the threat, and Trump was all right-but his behavior during it was not very impressive. He cowered behind the Secret Service men, flailing about for a safe place to hide.

After it was over, he blustered his way back to the podium and tried to appear normal. it was obvious that he was deeply rattled by the incident.

Now, it’s not good when this kind of thing happens, true-and he was right to be concerned-but the amount of fear he manifested was very obvious and disturbing to watch.

There are many things a President has to do-most of them not dangerous. They’re ordinary things every President must do-but in public, the President has to be the one person everyone knows will stand up and be there for the rest of us when the shit hits the fan..and in the past, every single President (including my personal unfavorite, George W. Bush) was put into a situation where personal courage and integrity were put to the test and not found wanting.

Name one President that did not have a test of their courage..I can’t recall one, nor can any historian. They’ve all been put to the test. Lincoln, Taft, Washington, the whole number of them.

The Revolutionary War; The War of 1812, The Spanish-American War, The Civil War, World Wars 1, and II. The Korean War, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Vietnam War..and the Iraq war. All of these were on the watch of Presidents who had to make some really unpleasant and nasty decisions..and all of them had no previous experience in doing it.

They relied on their guts and inner personal integrity. It’s called courage in other words; the ability to see beyond their ego and look to the future. It’s taking risks and braving the unknown. It’s taking the heat and fire when the bad things happen, and they do happen.

It’s about not blaming others for their problems. It’s not about directing blame for the bad things when faced with the impossible situations. It’s about taking on the worst situations and saying, “It’s going to be all right..we’ll get through this, together.”

That’s the job of a President-to lead the American people.

I don’t know about you, but the sheer idea of Donald Trump going into hysterics when something bad happens is not a very comforting thought.

Because it’s plain to see that he just doesn’t have the guts to do the job.