Victim Shaming

by fmhilton

There seems to be an increased awareness of sexual assaults now….because before this time nobody ever heard from the victim quite so clearly and emphatically.

Of course I’m talking about that case in which Brock Turner brutally raped and then left the victim after being chased off by 2 strangers who heard it going on. They came to the victim’s rescue and then got her medical attention and the cops were called.

Her recovery is on-going, and she believed (as people are sometimes known to do) that justice would be served when her attacker was on trial-that he would be tried fairly and sentenced to an appropriate length of time in jail or prison. That he would understand and apologize for his criminal act (as if….). That he would own up to it and admit he was guilty and he would forever be sorry that it happened.

Of course it didn’t happen quite that way. Because in California, on Stanford’s campus, there are no crimes committed, at least by their students. They’re perfect ladies and gentlemen, only there to learn to think by some of the most highly regarded people in academia.

Because the perpetrator was a member of the swim team and never had anything untoward happen to him like this. I’d call it ‘exclusive white male privilege’ for lack of a better term to describe this person, and he probably believes do many of his family.

His father, in his statement for the court stated that his son would be dis-served by a sentence of any time because of the results of ’20 minutes of action.’

The judge seemed to agree, and gave him a 6 month sentence, with the added bonus of a lifetime sexual offender registrant. That’s not far enough time. Speaking for myself, at least 10 years would have been appropriate..but that’s just me.

Anyway, in case you’re interested in what the victim had to say to the court, this is the full victim impact statement she wrote and delivered to him in court.

It is powerful, moving, and extremely heart-breaking to know that she’s only one woman, saying the things every single rape victim should have the right to say to their rapist in front of the court. Word for word.

No, it didn’t get the results she was hoping and praying for, but in one sense, she did a good deed shining from a candle less world.

Because no woman should be a victim over and over again.