Not Joking Anymore

by fmhilton

With Donald Trump having become the presumptive candidate for the Republican party in the presidential election, many in the media are finally starting to discover that he was, in fact, the only contender who survived all the contests (so far).

They’re stunned by this fact. They’re shocked by it. They’re outraged by the sheer effrontery he has shown by being in the race and enduring. They thought he was a joke, and he would fade, or get defeated by his eternal gift for offending whole segments of the populace.

The media predicted he wouldn’t last-he would not get as far as he has-and they were spectacularly wrong. They thought he was a joke of a candidate. They never took him seriously. Now they’re beginning to understand that he is not a laughing matter.

What the media did not understand is that when you have the ego, the money and the utter contempt for the media as Donald Trump has, one cannot be ignored as a joke. He had the money and the nerve to outlast all the other contenders for the Republican nomination.

He was always serious about this race. He has always been serious about anything that he undertakes, no matter what it is. A hotel, a university, you name it, he’s been serious about it. It’s all for his ego, after all.

The media played the whole thing wrong by making him a would-be punch line. They didn’t get it, they didn’t understand that what he represents to those who follow him is that he is ‘just like them’, even when he truly isn’t: a white guy who wants to make sure the white guys win.

That’s where his power lies-in his misogyny, his racism, and his contempt for others who are not white. Women need not apply.

The media would be best advised to start writing the truth about Donald Trump and calling him out on it, because they blew the last chance they had before the Indiana election.

They have the duty to do this.

It’s not a laughing matter anymore. It’s not a joke when you have the most dangerously ignorant man in the country poised to become a candidate for President, whose followers are all just like him: racist misogynists who would prefer that nobody but white males run this country on the platform that he’s proposed: racial profiling, discrimination, and elimination of all other people who do not fit into the ‘ideal American” stereotype that they would prefer to live in this country. There is no room in their playbook for anyone else.

We cannot afford this person in the White House-no matter what anyone says or writes about him being ‘just erratic’ or ‘joking around’, he’s a very dangerous person who would have the power to do exactly what he’s telling us he’ll do.

He’s not a joke and we should all stop thinking that he is. He’s deadly serious.

Because being the President of the United States is not a joke-and even Donald Trump knows it.