Better Left Unsaid

by fmhilton

There are many times in one’s life that you’re tempted to say stupid, idiotic and just plain insane things. Most people don’t, because they know their words will come back to haunt them in one form or another. Usually in spades and in public. Embarrassment will ensue, and you’ll feel absolutely the idiot you sounded like.

Not so much with politicians, it seems..or Donald Trump in particular.
Now, it’s well-known that this guy has no leash on his inner thoughts-it’s like he has diarrhea of the mouth without any antidote for it.

Witness his latest shining example: that all Muslims should be banned from this country, just because they’re Muslim. He even cited FDR as a reason for it, because he interned Japanese-Americans, some Italian-Americans and some German Americans for ‘security reasons’ during WWII. For the historical facts, here’s a page about this: Japanese-American Internment

What Donald Trump does not understand is that what FDR did was made legal only by institutional racism which played into the forced removal of those deemed to be ‘security problems’. There were trumped up reports, racist language, and conspiratorial consent to deprive them of their citizenship and their Constitutional rights when this was done.

Fear was a huge motivating factor. Pearl Harbor had just been bombed when it seemed necessary to remove all suspected ‘enemy aliens’ (which they were now termed-never mind about them being legal American citizens….)

All in all, it was a shameful affair, and we had to make reparations and a formal apology to those we did this to. We should have. We had absolutely no right to do it, and for him to call it back into memory is just as shameful.

It goes on before that, though-in this column by Andrew Gyory, he tells the story of the “Chinese Exclusion Act” which banned the immigration of anybody from China for over 50 years.

It was sponsored by the Republican Party and it was a popular stand then.

We should learn from history, not repeat it. Sometimes it’s better to leave the past where it is.

My response to this hate speech is this:

Just shut up, Donald. You’re an idiot. You have no moral or ethical value to this country.

As you yourself would say:

We’re better off without your kind.”