The Forbidden Question

by fmhilton

For some time now, I’ve had an intense debate with myself about writing on this subject. It’s one that most people shy away from and deny that it needs to be discussed. However, I’m going to be brave just this once and pose the most controversial question that should be asked in public.

Why do we believe in religion in 2015? Why do we need such an artificial and superficial construct in our lives? Is it really good for anyone any more? Is there any conceivable and rational justification for it? Does it actually do anyone any good at all, aside from making one feel holy, and righteous?

We have sent men to the moon, to the outer reaches of space, to the bottom of the oceans, to places where we would not have dreamed of 100 years ago. We have made scientific advances that were not possible then. We have extended life, created life and improved life with science. Not so much with religion.

Yet there are billions of us who are in the rapture of religion. We pray daily or hourly to our own personal protector, whom we beseech to help us, guide us and sustain us. We do it in schools, churches, television and other venues. In public and private.

We defend our personal religion by killing others for not believing in it, by denying others human rights that they have by law. We spend millions on churches, and flim-flam people to make us get ‘right with God’. We do so willingly and with all of our power. We commit crimes in the name of God and believe that divine forgiveness washes away all of our guilt.

We believe in an invisible being we call god by many names. His/Her existence has never been proven, while many proven scientific discoveries have been denied.

We blame this invisible being with all the bad things we endure, and praise it when things go right. We pray for money, love and success in school to it.

When adults are asked if they believe in Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy, we all laugh and say no.

However, when we’re asked if we believe in god or angels, many of us say ‘of course’.

Why? Is there a difference between an imaginary being that delivers presents once a year and a being that supposedly brings us salvation?

There is no difference. They’re all imaginary friends, based on the beliefs that have been pounded into our heads for millennia.

We do eventually outgrow our belief in Santa Claus. We never do the same with that other imaginary being, called God, Jehovah or Allah.

We are not the adults we pretend to be.

We’re all still little children, waiting for Santa to bring his presents to us.

What’s preventing us from finally growing up and declaring that God does not exist, never existed and that religion is no longer necessary?

Because it’s about time we did – to finally take control of our own lives and futures without depending on an non-existent imaginary being to do it for us.

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
” John Lennon.

I’d love to.