by fmhilton

The Republican party considers a woman’s anatomy to be far more dangerous than semi-automatic weapons, and needs to be regulated more.

It seems to me that if we stopped praying to an unknown, unseen imaginary being in the sky to solve the problems we created, we’d all be better off.

We humans seem to think that we’re very advanced. That must be why we still believe in praying to and worshiping animals, rocks and statues…just like 1000 years ago.

Hearing voices in your head is considered crazy, but when large groups of people do it, it’s called religion.

We’re all very eager to find life on Mars or other planets, but can’t be bothered to take care of this one.

People seem to believe that the more money you have, the more intelligent/truthful/believable you are.

Science is based on proven/provable facts. Religion is based on beliefs. Which is more likely to be listened to?

Some women are eager and willing to sell out their own sex for votes and popularity.

The way to end violence and killing is to kill more people with weapons. Makes sense.

We’d rather take pills to treat our ailments than to actually do something to prevent them. Chemicals will cure everything, right?

When terrible things happen, we blame an imaginary being for them.

Religion is such a wonderful force for…killing people, blowing up buildings, and destroying our history.

We’d rather scroll our Iphones for interesting things to look at than to talk to the person in front of us.

We say we believe in freedom, but enact laws to restrict that, in case someone actually uses theirs.

A mind is a terrible thing to use. Guess that’s why many don’t.

It’s called a sin if we actually enjoy doing something.

Taking tests to demonstrate what you know is not education.

The more we’re afraid of something, the more laws we pass to prevent it.

Never ignore the power of large groups of people to do stupid, evil things.

The deadliest form of life on this planet is mankind.

When drawing a cartoon of a dead person is considered inflammatory, or disrespectful, we must be tolerant of it.

People seem to think that they don’t have to do their job if their religious beliefs don’t approve of it.

We think that men dressing in women’s clothing is weird and freaky..that explains the pope, I guess.

Playing violent games is considered bizarre and dangerous, but owning many semi-automatic guns isn’t.

Religion is the most advanced form of mind control ever devised.

Why is it that people care more about a clump of cells than actual living beings?

When war is waged, why is it true that the people who start it aren’t the same ones who fight it?

Hatred and prejudice are not genetic. They’re learned behaviors.

The more we depend on technology, the less intelligence we have.