Open Memo

by fmhilton

To: Paul LePage
From: One angry citizen

Subject: Your behavior

I know you’re not going to read this, but here goes anyway.

With this latest episode of you being a big fat bully, you’ve really outdone yourself.

Not only have you upset and angered a lot more people (if that’s possible in this state) but you’ve also managed to get the entire state legislature up in arms about what you did.

Now you’re probably in a heap more trouble than you thought would happen. But of course, you didn’t think in the first place-which is why you are in trouble now.

This time, it’s serious enough so that a lot of very influential people are investigating whether or not you’ve broken some laws.

It appears to me that you have. Blackmailing a private entity over their potential hiring one of your personal political foes with the threat of withholding public funds from their fiscal year is really pretty bad..and bad in a criminal way.

You, of course, thought it was in your power to do so. You were wrong then and you’re wrong now.

The private entity (which happens to be a special needs school) was hiring someone for a position you had nothing to do with..but that never stopped you. This was a private employment matter. Not a public one. You had absolutely no right or privilege to do it.

Now understand this: the State of Maine is not your personal fiefdom. You are not King, or Emperor. This is not a banana republic. You are not our dictator.

You’re an elected official, which makes you accountable for your actions to the people of this state who elected you. This highlights exactly why you are completely unfit to govern this state.

Using our money to make a private entity rescind their employment offer to a private citizen (who happens to be qualified for the job, too.) is illegal.

Then you even top that with threatening other private citizens by telling their children that they should be shot-heck, you’ve got half of the state on a death list, and the other half wondering when you’ll threaten them with violence.

When your actions are reported repeatedly in the national newspapers, and in a pretty derogatory way, it’s patently obvious you’re not qualified to lead this state. Being the general manager of a second hand discount chain does not qualify you to be governor whatsoever.

This is not Marden’s. We are not your employees. You are OUR employee. We deserve better than you.

So if you were to resign tomorrow, I’m sure I would not be the only one who would cheer.

You really should consider that idea, along with some very intensive psychological help.

Because it’s pretty apparent that you need it-and we need a break from a 10 year old with anger issues who never grew up.