The Polar Bear Speaks

by fmhilton


(translated into English from the original source)

You humans really are something special, aren’t you?

Not content with over-populating this earth, you’re also determined to depopulate every other non-human creature on it.

There have been big changes in this world and they’re all due to you. Climate change, slow death and destruction of our habitats, not to mention outright poaching for profit. Gotta have that Rhino horn powder, don’t you? Can’t live without that fur on your body, can you? Ivory is so pretty, isn’t it?

You honestly don’t care what happens while you’re here, do you?

Lots of you deny it’s happening. You close your eyes and pretend it’s all a hoax.

Let me tell you this-because of you and your greedy little lives, me and my brethren are dying at an alarming rate.

We’re not the only animals that are facing extinction. We have lots of company: tigers, lions, elephants, giraffes and a whole host of others. Here’s a list of all the animals that are considered critically endangered. It’s a long list, and the reason it exists is because humans don’t want to share this earth with us.

If you’re not polluting this world beyond endurance, you’re killing 4 legged creatures with wild abandon and then posing with their carcasses-like it’s some kind of game to you.

Yeah. Some game. You get to kill us and we die all for your amusement.

So enjoy your world while you have it. The only way you’ll be able to see what most of us look like in the future will be in books, films and zoos. You’ll have wiped us out with your attitude of being the only creatures on this planet worth caring about.

By that time, it won’t be worth living on Earth because you humans decided to trash the place out. Even you won’t want to live here. It’ll be that bad.

All in all, Earth was a nice place before you got your hands on it. Too bad you just couldn’t live with it the way it was.