No Respect

by fmhilton

Everyone knows the late Rodney Dangerfield’s schtick of “I don’t get no respect!” It was funny coming from him, and he made it work well in his routines.

When it isn’t funny is when one person is singled out and given absolutely no respect and it’s not meant as a joke.

We have a President named Barack Obama. As a matter of pure circumstance, he happens to be black. Either all or partially. I don’t know, and I don’t care.

But a lot of people do care, and they’re making sure he knows what they think of him.

The entire Republican Party for instance. In all regards, they disrespect him, make derisive, snide, and out-right insulting remarks on his job, his family, his racial background and his religious beliefs.

They do it every chance they get, and wherever they can. In the media (Fox News is a particularly nasty bunch), and even on Facebook, where one Maine Republican decided to post a very disrespectful comment on Mr. Obama’s stance about ISIS.

This has been happening for the past 6 years. Ever since Mr. Obama was elected (by a majority of Americans, mind you..) in 2009, every single chance the Republicans have had to denigrate and show their disdain for him they’ve taken to with outright glee.

They are, in short, showing the world how utterly racist and ugly their party is, how unsuited they are to lead this country and how nasty their politics are.

Because if this same man called Mr.President happened to be white, they would not do this. The respect given to this man and the position he holds is totally lacking. It’s based on his color, really. No denying it, either.

It’s called racism. It’s shameful and disgusting. If the Republicans cannot stand to be part of a government that is led by a man who happens to be black, I suggest they all resign their positions and get real jobs.

We don’t have time for this shit, and they should be the very ones to get out of the way. They are holding up the rest of this country from ever making progress in any way towards equality and justice.

It’s all a matter of respect. They and all other racists don’t deserve any of ours.