It’s unfathomable

by fmhilton

The older I get, I have more questions about life that I just don’t understand:

How can a country spend billions every year for defense and not be able to afford to house or feed their poorest citizens?

Why is religion used to kill, subjugate, humiliate or torture people?

How can a country’s government not pass a living wage law for all workers but always increase their own pay?

How can the richest people in the world do nothing to improve the lives of their fellow human beings?

Why can’t leaders of countries agree to save the planet from global extinction?

Why does a person’s skin color determine whether or not they live or die?

How can a country allow its’ electoral process to be subverted by corporations and then bought outright?

How can a media corporation determine what is news and then lie about it?

Why are tales from 2000 years ago used to perpetuate violence, suffering, and death?

Why is it illegal to be homeless or poor?

Why is education sold at the highest price?

How can corporations boldly break laws and get away with it without any penalties whatsoever?

How can religious belief trump proven scientific fact?

How can corporations dictate government policies?

How can a country have the highest number of their citizens in prison, on parole or probation in the world?

How can women still earn less than what men do in any career?

Why is the right to basic health care determined by your social status?

Why is your entire life determined by the color of your skin?

Why is the justice system only for those who can afford to use it?

How are people who spend an awful lot of time praying to an imaginary being in the sky able to dictate other people’s lives?

I don’t suppose I’ll ever get any answers to these questions, but it’s good to ask them, isn’t it?