Santa Smiles-a true tale

by fmhilton

The other day, Santa and Mrs. Claus drove into the drive-thru where I work. The sleigh must have been in the shop for repairs because he was driving an ordinary car-but I recognized him immediately. Who else could it have been, dressed in his trademark clothing?

“Hey, Santa! How’s it going?”

“Not too bad..been going around and visiting people.”

‘You must be tired and it’s not even Christmas yet!”

“No, not really, it’s all part of my job..”

“Oh…and I didn’t know you did that..”

“Yes indeed! Mrs. Claus and I like to get out of the South Pole and visit people before Christmas, just to see how they’re doing. We’re interested in everyone..not just kids.”

“So where are you going to now?”

“We’re going to a nursing home to visit the people living there. You know, I like to see people smile..especially those who haven’t smiled in a very long time.”

With those words, he drove off..and left me kind of teary eyed.

Who says Santa doesn’t exist?