Reasons to not re-elect Paul LePage

by fmhilton

I’ve written many words about this man, and not many of them are very nice.

He’s running for re-election this year, and while many people are inclined to vote for him, I’m going to list here a few examples of why he should not be re-elected. This list is taken from public statements, news reports from Maine and other sources.

Fair warning to readers: this is a very long post!

  • He has no class: Paul Lepage has in the past insulted many groups of people: women, Maine state employees, environmentalists, blacks, and even the IRS. While he’s ‘apologized’ in public for nearly all of these statements through his office, I doubt that he’s personally changed his mind about any of his past utterances.
    In fact, he gets real personal with some people: Paul LePage, Maine Governor, Faces Backlash Over ‘Vaseline’ Comment.
  • LePage Rails Against ‘Obamacare,’ Calls IRS ‘New Gestapo’
  • In fact, he doesn’t even like a huge majority of the state’s population, calling them all welfare cheats in essence.
  • He’s anti-labor: As he proved when he ordered the removal of a mural-and the aftermath wasn’t pleasant, either. Although the court upheld his position in the end, it didn’t win him any new fans.
  • He loves nepotism: He hired his daughter (fresh out of college, mind you) to be on his personal staff, complete with a salary of $40,000, room and board. Nice work if you can get it. He also hired his brother-in-law to a state post. Nothing like relatives to pad up the staff, huh?
  • He’s met in private with members of a organization that qualifies in some experts’ opinions as being a terrorist organization. While he stated that he did not endorse their views, the fact that he met with them is very troubling. Mike Tipping (columnist for the Bangor Daily News) wrote an extensive chapter about this incident in his book
  • But he doesn’t like the papers reporting on his activities, either, and ordered his staff to no longer communicate with 3 of the biggest newspapers in Maine.
  • He believes that children should be required to work for a living far earlier than they are allowed to. Work houses, anyone?
  • He vetoed the expansion of Mainecare to be included in the Affordable Healthcare Act. This led to approximately 40,000 citizens of this state to be removed from the program, and in many cases, unable to afford the premiums that the ACA would cost. The double whammy came in the form of the fact that because he vetoed expansion, most of them cannot even apply for low-cost insurance through the Act, because of his veto. Talk about a double-sided sword!
  • He’s gutted any proposals for wind-powered generating plants. He doesn’t even understand how they work, either: Governor LePage: Maine Wind Turbine Runs On ‘A Little Electric Motor That Turns The Blades
  • He’s certainly not pro-environment-and he derided any harmful effects of certain chemicals in the water posed by the addition of BPA, a known harmful chemical: LePage dismisses BPA dangers; ‘worst case is some women may have little beards’.
  • He recently gave 54 of his staff (mostly political appointees) extra vacation time, to be rated at the time of service they’ve had, and in some cases, paid with cash. Must be nice to be on his payroll! Other state employees are not allowed to have this special treatment: Political appointees, LePage staff earned extra vacation time under new state policy
  • The Alexander Report: $925,000 of taxpayer money was spent on a report that was hugely plagiarized. Efforts to recoup the money lost on this “special report” (which was designed to back up his claims for gutting the welfare rolls) have been so far desultory. The report was recognized as nothing more than political interests and cronyism at work.
  • He’s called Social Security and Disabilty ‘entitlement programs’. A massive mis-characterization of the worst kind. In his view, anyone who is retired or disabled is a welfare cheat, as witness this statement:
    “These “Transfer Receipts” include: Social Security benefits; Medicare payments; Medicaid; and state unemployment insurance benefits.”
  • He is anti-asylum seekers and immigration. He’s demanded that all cities and towns in Maine report any undocumented workers/residents, even to the point of refusing asylum seekers any help in relocating, housing or personal needs: Asylum seekers ask to join suit challenging LePage ban on aid to undocumented immigrants

So you think he should be re-elected? I personally don’t think so. He was unfit for office the first time he was elected, and he certainly doesn’t deserve any second chances. He’s done enough harm to Maine and her people. He’s made this state into a laughingstock many, many times over.

Enough is enough. We can’t afford 4 more years of the most destructive man in Maine politics in nearly 200 years.