The Mouse Moves House

by fmhilton

This is a true but slightly altered story I wrote. Enjoy!


The voices were rather indistinct until the man spoke first.

“You’ll never guess what happened.”
“What happened?”
“Our landlord came up and gave us an eviction notice.”
“WHAT! Oh, my god! When?”
“30 days from now.”
“Oh, that’s just great! I come home from a crappy day at work, and find worse! Where are we going to move? Any ideas?”

He couldn’t hear exactly what the man said after that, but he was sure that “eviction” was human for ‘move’, and that was a bad thing for both him and them.

Mouse was scared, because the humans were scared. The man had not been so loud in so long..but the woman, she was just sounding awful. Mouse was scared because he was going to have to find another place to live, too..and where did that leave him? He’d been living with them for about 3 years. He was used to them and their ways.

He had been noisy, true. He would sneak into the cans in the trash bin and eat the bits and pieces the man had left out for him. He was not afraid of the man, because he felt the man wasn’t going to hurt him. Of course there were times when he felt the man was very mad at him, especially when he woke up from hearing Mouse chewing on things.

Mouse was always worried he would get hurt. He’d felt stomping feet all over, and carefully hid away in the stove when the stomping occurred. He also made sure that he didn’t appear too often in front of the woman because she would just shriek..and that hurt his ears. He didn’t fear her, just didn’t want to get her upset.

So he stayed hidden, coming out from his hiding place when it was dark and he knew nobody would see him.

He’d made his nest under the stove, of course, but tried to not climb up into it until there was nobody moving. He did like those animal crackers that the man put out for him once in a while. It felt like the man was a kind one, who didn’t want to hurt Mouse, as long as he stayed out of the way.

But this was different. They were not mad at him, they were upset at the word ‘move’. Unlike most of his species, Mouse could understand humans. These two were his, and he didn’t want to lose them. They were the only ones who he could understand and the man seemed to understand him, too.

What to do? His small mouse brain whirred. Also unlike most of his species, he did have a brain, and he sometimes even used it. This moving thing would have to be dealt with. His instincts told him that if his humans were moving, the house wasn’t going with them, and that he would probably not survive.

That would not be good.

In the next few weeks, the activity of ‘move’ really picked up speed. Mouse was listening the day the woman was offered a new house, and she accepted it. Mouse was happy when she was happy-the man came home and told her that they would take the house. All three of them were happy and relieved. Mouse heard the man say something about him, “Perhaps we could take the mouse with us..he won’t survive the house being torn down’.

That was worrying. Mouse did not understand that he wasn’t a member of this family. He thought he was..until the woman said, “Sure, we import our own rodents into a new house? No way!”, to which the man said, “Well, I have been feeding him a lot of crackers..” The woman laughed, “I don’t think he cares where he lives but I don’t think he’s that smart..”

Mouse sighed. It was life or death for him and she was laughing-and she was wrong. He would make sure he would survive and move with them, if only to prove her wrong.

He began plotting out boxes. There were a few stacked up in the kitchen by now-they had started to pack up all their stuff. He figured if he could just sneak into one of the boxes where they didn’t look too close he’d be able to make the trip.

The long wait came to an end…and the day of the big move also. Mouse could feel it in his fur-the woman was running about, putting boxes up and making sure they were all ready to go. Mouse had watched her throw tons of stuff out, and he made sure to see which ones were left.

He finally picked the box with the pans in it. He knew that he could fit into it pretty easy, and as long as nobody looked into them, he’d be safe.

In he crawled. He did not move a single muscle the entire day it took for them to actually move it. He felt the box being pushed and shoved into the truck, along with all the other boxes. He was scared, because he needed to stay hidden..and if the woman even had an inkling of him being there, she would do something-what he did not know, but it would not be good, he knew.

He was hungry, and needed food…but when they got there, the box got dumped into a stack. He was trapped until this move thing was done..then he could sneak out to freedom.

When night came, Mouse did not dare to move out of his box. The man and woman were pretty tired, and both did not have very much energy left-he would have to endure another night without food.

The chance came when both were asleep. He carefully crawled out of the box, and started exploring.

He was delighted to find that this house had a huge refrigerator for him to crawl under. He ducked under it, hungry but happy to find that he’d survived and had a new house to live in.

The next day, he made the big mistake of coming out looking for food when both of the humans were awake. The woman spotted him and shrieked:

“We have a mouse!”

To which the man replied, “I knew it! The mouse came with us! He must be hungry after being in a box all this time.”

The woman replied in a not-so pleased voice: “I don’t believe it! We are the only people in the entire world who moved into a new house with their own mouse!”

Mouse grinned from ear to rodent ear. The woman wasn’t stupid after all, and he had a new home.

Later, when she’d gone to work, the man carefully put down some animal crackers beside the refrigerator.

“Hey, Mouse-I knew you’d make the trip. Here’s something to eat. Enjoy!”