The Worst Governor

by fmhilton

Hands down, Paul Lepage has earned this title-and without hesitation, I award it to him.

He has done a wonderful job of sticking it to the State of Maine in so many ways!

He has completely made this state a laughingstock repeatedly with his incredibly stupid remarks about the IRS, black people, and so many others.

Now he’s gone and vetoed nearly every single piece of legislation that has been passed by our legislature this session.

LePage has vetoed 72 bills this session and a total of 179 since taking office in 2011, more than any other governor in recent history. The Legislature has overturned the governor’s veto only 13 times since Democrats took over in 2012.

He’s quite proud of this fact. “My pens are running out of ink!”

Here’s a list of all of them so far:
Legislature prepares to take up LePage vetoes Thursday

Never mind that there are a lot of bills that would do good for this state. Never mind that jobs would be created or preserved.

It’s all about him, after all. He hates with a passion anyone or any institution that defies him and his personal animosity to them. It goes beyond just being a politician, I believe. It has a lot to do with his own psychological makeup.

He was abused as a child, and I have this theory that he developed a hate attitude towards any authority figures or institutions that have power. He doesn’t like them, and he wants to make sure they know who the boss is. Even when they’re attempting to make things better, he doesn’t think they are, and will stop them as quickly as possible.

While it might give him a sense of “sticking it to the man”, he will learn in November that you can’t play politics with a chip on your shoulder and expect people to like you.

I can’t wait to see him defeated. I and many other Mainers have had quite enough of his ‘blunt’ attacks on us, our state and our way of life. His absolute contempt for both the people and this state is beyond belief.

Yeah, Lepage, you did a heckuva of a good job destroying us and our state for the sake of your over-blown ego. Now you can leave, knowing you’ve earned your place in our history books-but I wouldn’t be proud of it, if I were you.