It’s time to fight back!

by fmhilton

At the bottom of the screen you’re viewing, there’s a banner that is in protest against the NSA Surveillance State as we now know it.

It’s February 11, 2014-the day we fight back.

I’ve written my Senators, both of whom are part of the problem and both dismissed my complaints with the usual “Don’t worry, we know what we’re doing..don’t worry your pretty little head about this problem.”

It doesn’t seem to occur to them that they’re working for us, not the other way around.

All I can say is that we’ve got to continue the fight, and keep on keeping on until it’s done.

Ed Snowden, where ever you are, you’re a hero, whistle-blower and a true patriot. Thank you for your willing sacrifice of your entire way of life for daring to show the world what we did not know.

If it had not been for his actions, we would not have known anything about this, and would have continued to let the NSA spy on us unfettered.

This post is dedicated to him.