Again, what country is this?

by fmhilton

In my previous post, I lamented that this country seems to be going totally insane with drug searches and invasive body cavity searches.

That case concerned a NM man who was repeatedly searched by doctors at a Deming NM hospital under the guise of a ‘legal’ warrant allowing it.

He’s suing them, of course-and I believe he’s entitled to all the relief he can get from the courts, including money.

But this isn’t the only case of such perverted and insane activity. Just the other day I read about a woman in Texas who, crossing the border from Mexico, was repeatedly probed and essentially raped by police officers and subsequently, hospital staff under the guise of drug searching.

This time the cops were the US Border Patrol, who informed her that they didn’t need a warrant to do this, and indeed, as the ACLU lawsuit claims, “At no point during the searches of Ms. Doe did CBP agents obtain a warrant authorizing a search of her body.”

33. During the car ride to the Medical Center, Ms. Doe asked if the agents had a warrant. One of them responded that they did not need a warrant.

As before, the ‘suspect’ did not consent to any of this. That didn’t matter to anyone in charge at the hospital, for sure:

Without obtaining consent or obtaining a detailed medical history, Defendants Doctor Christopher Cabanillas and Doctor Michael Parsa (collectively called “Doctors ”) continued the search for drugs along with agents Portillo and Herrera

Another surprise: there were no drugs at all found during this 6 hour illegal detention and body search.

But it’s ordinary practice, according to this lawsuit:

56. Medical Center policy L -13 on searches by hospital personnel does not permit an invasion of a person’s body for purposes of a search without either consent or a search warrant.

However, in practice, the Medical Center staff and CBP agents routinely conduct invasive cavity searches without a warrant, consent or sufficient suspicion to justify the searches.

When Ms. Doe expressed dismay about the unreasonable searches she suffered, a Medical Center employee responded that these procedures were routinely followed when an individual is brought in by CBP agents.
The employee also told Ms. Doe that what happened to her was not invasive.

This means there’s more of these kinds of events?

Then the grace point got reached in this horrible saga:

The hospital billed the woman for the illegal procedures that were done to her.

True to CBP’s word, shortly after these searches were conducted, the Medical Center and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center invoiced Ms.Doe over $5,000.00 for the cost of the searches conducted on her. She refuses to pay.

This is getting totally out of hand. This is illegal torture, and it’s being done by people who are sworn to uphold the law. It’s being perpetrated by doctors and hospitals breaking every single medical ethics rule in the world.

It won’t end until people start realizing that the ‘War on Drugs’ is a smokescreen for illegal activity and total hypocrisy on the part of the militarized police.

Because while we’re on the subject, this costs money-yours and mine. These people are breaking Federal, state and local laws in doing this kind of illegal search, and when they get caught doing it, the money paid out to the victim is usually out of the taxpayers’ pockets.

Not to mention the lasting effects of such ordeals on the individuals who were so brutally treated.

Everyone involved in all of these cases need to charged, put on trial and sent to prison-period. If that doesn’t stop it, perhaps it’s time to stop this phony “war” that has become a haven for perverts and thugs, using their ego tripping powers to subvert justice.