All Random Stuff

by fmhilton

Yes, I’ve been bad and haven’t posted in 2 weeks. Mostly because I was simply out of words for the amount of disgust I felt about Congress shutting down our government. It felt like a group of terrorist kindergartener decided to hold all of us hostage to their insane demands and forced hundreds of thousands of people to get laid off.

All because they were having a very public and embarrassing temper tantrum. They got paid for it, too, adding insult to injury. Think of it: these people, led by this group literally pulled the plug on our essential services and government for what Robert Redford called “bigotry and fear.”

Of course he’s right. If the President was white, do you think this would have happened? Oh, let’s not go into that problem, but it’s pretty clear that there are some very bigoted and racist people who do not want anyone but a white man to run the country.

Sports Stuff: It’s a great time to be a Red Sox fan, isn’t it? After 6 years, they’re going back to the World Series!

Yeah, I’m a fan-have been since 1967 and the “Impossible Dream”. I’ve suffered along with millions of my brethren in watching them reach for greatness time and time again, only to be cast into the darkness. Oh, the pain and agony we have endured…and yes, I was literally crying at the end of the 1986 Series-the worst defeat that the team had ever endured, all in a blink of an eye. So close and then snatched away. That’s when my faith in these guys got seriously dented. It just hurt too much.

Of course, that faith was totally and gloriously restored in 2004, and 2007, when they did the impossible within 3 years-and now they’re doing it again, to go up against the same team they faced off with in the ’67 Series, the St. Louis Cardinals! If that isn’t karma, I don’t know what is!

You know you’re a hardcore fan when you have your main computer running and a laptop also open on the side, watching the play-by-play (mostly because I don’t have cable, and the MLB doesn’t allow broadcasts on the Internet). It’s that serious for a real fan. Couldn’t have ignored this game! Go Sox!

Book Stuff: John Grisham has a new book coming out-“Sycamore Row”, on Tuesday. Of course I’m a fan of his, as well, so when he and his publisher held a contest for 10 people to win a galley copy of the book, of course I entered.

I never win anything. I’m such a sucker that I’ll play the lottery, and things like that. Of course I had to enter this contest-and promptly forgot about it.

That is until I came home the other night after a very long and hard day at work to find that I’d indeed been one of the winners (out of probably thousands, if not millions of others) to get a very rare advance copy of the book!

Let me tell you, it’s hard trying to get a decent night’s sleep when you’re trying to follow a favorite team and have the latest book from a favorite author in your hands. Impossible-and it doesn’t help that real life work has taken over your life. Gotta invent another 24 hour day to do it all!

Silly stuff: in my local area, there are a couple of people who are running a national alien abduction support group.

I simply have no way to describe the amount of absolute astonishment that this article compels in me. I didn’t know there was such a group, or such a need for a support group. Sorry, but I’m afraid some people just do need to see a medical professional about this kind of problem.

Because, let’s face it: who would want to travel millions of miles in space and abduct such flawed specimens of animal life on this planet? What makes these people so special that they’re the ones who get abducted and supposedly experimented on?

That is, if other life forms outside in the universe happen to exist. My spouse believes that if there are other forms of life on other planets, they’re probably a bunch of cows munching on grass. That’s as good a bet as any.

I just hope they’re not governed by the same guys that run our government!