Open Letter to Congress

by fmhilton

Mr/MS Honorable Representative:

You should all be ashamed of yourselves.

Your vote in the House this past weekend was a disgrace.

You voted to not allow the ACA to begin until next year, and then you decided to tack onto the bill the proviso that abortion services should be denied as well. In addition to that, you put the WIC program in jeopardy.

You’d already decided to cut the Food Stamps in another bill.

Now with the non-passage of the ACA (or “ObamaCare” as most of you derisively call it) you have made it all but impossible for the government to continue operations after December.

Whose side are you on, anyway?

You’re cutting everything but your own salaries. You earn twice as much as the average American does, you get cheap health care, a guaranteed pension after 15 years, and various other perks. It’s a nice, cushy job with no chance of layoffs. Once elected, never expelled.

For you to decide the fate of millions of Americans based on your prejudices, special interests and just plain stupidity is absolutely as repulsive as it comes. As a combined group, you bring disgrace onto this nation by your naked and isolent greed, laziness and arrogance.

You’re quick to condemn the poor of this nation. You’re quick to cut the taxes of the rich, and to help your ‘special friends’ get subsidies that they don’t even need.

You call Edward Snowden a traitor.

I’d call all of you the same: for failing to do your duty, to uphold the Constitution and to look after the interests of all the American people.

You think we have a short attention span and memory.

You’ll be surprised come the next election year.

We’re totally done with you. Time to brush up your resumes, because most of you will be unemployed when the results come in.