by fmhilton

During the last few months as the details of the NSA’s spying program have come out by various sources, I’ve been having a huge internal fight to not write this article.

But it’s finally gotten to the point where I have to.

Why am I so hesitant in doing it? Because this one is going to get very angry and personal in a loud way. Perhaps you feel the same way as I do, and I hope you really do-because I think it’s about time someone said all that I’m about to write.

The US government thinks I’m a potential terrorist by their actions. They watch me on the internet, they read my emails (yes, they do, and they can legally do it, too.), monitors my mail and tracks me while I’m on my cell phone. They cover all the bases.

They believe that I’m capable of communicating with terrorists. They think that because I have an opinion on their spying that I should be watched, just like anyone else who criticizes their actions. They lie to me, and then they tell me it’s for my own good that I’m being tracked, traced and trailed in so many ways.

No. I am not amused and I am highly insulted.

You see, my ancestors helped start this country. On my mother’s side, my great grand father x 8 fought on the British side and defected to become an American. Imagine that.

On my father’s side, my great-grandfather and his mother fled the Commune of Paris to seek asylum in this country.

So I am the product of a Revolutionary turncoat and a refugee, which makes me an American.

My family, like yours, built this country. Our assorted members fought in the wars, bled, and sometimes died for the sake of this country. We did so out of patriotism.

We founded the towns and cities, built the buildings, worked in the shops, and paid our taxes. We became police chiefs and policed the towns we lived in. We became doctors and helped our fellow citizens get better when they became sick. We worked in the factories, built the cars, the roads, bridges and shaped this country to it’s best.

We even sent men to the moon.

We did it all, and this is how we’re repaid: by being insulted by the Congress, the government and the Executive branch when they say the NSA’s spying program is a harmless, productive program that keeps us safe. But on the other hand, they can’t tell us why they’re doing it, how or if they’re ever going to end it. They claim it’s required and necessary to keep us safe. It stops future attacks. It’s a great thing.

No. It’s not. It’s an insult to our intelligence, our families, our history, our founding fathers and the United States Constitution.

No matter how much we protest against it, write articles and plead for it to be ended, they don’t want to listen. They spout vague claims of legality, sputter about ‘safety’ and then bold faced lie outright to us. We’re paying for this, and then we’re called ‘unpatriotic’ for being upset and for questioning them, their motives or their actions.

They must think we’re stupid, huh? That we take at face value everything they say without question. That we’re going to agree with this because we’re loyal and dutiful. We’re just sheep to them.

On behalf of a lot of people past and present, I’m going to say two words that sum up my feelings-crude but necessary, and because the government thinks so highly of my opinion, I’m returning the favor.

The Middle Finger