An interview with me

by fmhilton

I recently did an interview for my local paper, at the behest of a friend who works there.

It wasn’t a ‘sit-down’ interview,though. She emailed me the list of questions and I wrote the answers which were printed as the interview.

I’m going to flesh it out a little more here, because due to space limitations for news articles it was short. This one won’t be.

Q: Where were you born and where were you brought up?

This part is accurate. I was brought up all over the place. My father was career military, and as an officer he did have to move us around a lot. Those postings were just during my childhood.

The most unusual aspect of that time was my family lived in Arlington, VA during the entire Kennedy Administration. Talk about living in the middle of history being made. I lived through a very complex and challenging time, which I wouldn’t trade with anyone. It was priceless.

Q: What was your childhood like?

I’m not going to elaborate any more than I did on this, mostly because it would bore you to death. I had a childhood, like most others-some parts good, some parts bad. Not horrible, not ideally wonderful-and my answer is enough. I’m not into ‘childhood trauma’ stories of any kind. I think they’re overdone and exploitative.

Q: Was there anything you wanted to be when you grew up?

A: Not really. I wasn’t an ambitious child.

This part is funny, because I see so many instances of parents pushing their children to do this or that with their lives, and the kid isn’t even out of the cradle yet! There’s much to be said for not making children into over-achieving super-kids, defined by their goals and ambitions.

Q: Have you done much traveling?

This question posed a bit of a problem for me, because unlike most people I have traveled far more than I let on in the answer. The best answer was short, and that’s why I wrote it that way.

I didn’t want to be seen as bragging. I hate the trait in others, and I don’t like to indulge in it myself.

The trip to Alaska was a hoot in itself. My brother, who lives there, offered me the chance to escape a bad personal situation by driving back through the US to his home in Fairbanks.

The most unusual circumstance of this trip was that it was in the dead of winter.

It was also the trip where I had the absolutely worst hangover of my entire life-in Wyoming. Never again, I swore-and I kept that promise.

We did drive through the Yukon territory-and the real challenge was the heater in the car decided to die nearly half-way through.

Talk about bone-chilling.

Q: Do you have any life goals you’d like to accomplish?

A: If anything, I’d like to become better known as a writer.

I think this blog satisfies that, doesn’t it? Sometimes I’m not sure if ‘blogging’ is actually writing-but then again, writing does take effort, and time to do-plus a bit of imagination. So, yeah-I’m a writer by all counts.

Q: What has been your biggest accomplishment ?

A: Helping start a website dedicated to bringing awareness of Digital Rights Management to gamers. It’s still in existence on the Internet today. I wrote for it for a while.

This answer pleased me no end, because it’s true. I wrote some good stuff for them, and I’m still great friends with Lisa and Martin Pham at Reclaim Your Game.

I will always be grateful to them for the chance to write professionally. They gave me the encouragement and support that every writer needs to really sit down and just do it. In essence, if they hadn’t done that, I would not have gotten the bravado to put my words into form.

Q: What would you like people to know about you?

A: That I’m a writer and have been an inveterate poster at many, many Internet sites: Salon Magazine, The Daily Beast, Tech Dirt, etc. That I’ve had many letters to the editor published in a few venues, including the New York Times.

I may not look like it, but I can write a pretty good article or editorial. I have my own blog, of course!

I’m also very smart. Just because I’m deaf doesn’t mean my brain doesn’t work.

That I’m a very liberal person and am pretty political about many issues. Don’t get me started..I’ll go on for ages!

I’ve been using a computer since about 1984, when the first personal computers came out. I’m pretty familiar with them.

Talk about self-promotion! Shameless hussy that I am, I did it here-but one salient fact that I’m pleased that I (and the paper) did not omit is my statement that people assume that when one is deaf, the brain is impacted negatively if it exists at all.

That’s a very bad assumption to make, as you can tell. It does sound a bit aggrieved, doesn’t it..but with a lifetime of people assuming this, I think I can complain a little bit.

So I’m smart and can use a computer too! Oh, lord, what will we have next! Typewriters? Sorry, I look at that paragraph and I have to blush a bit.

Although I will admit freely to being extremely verbose when it comes to political issues..lord, shut me up!

So there you have it-with a color photo of yours truly. I will admit right now that I’m old, and I hate my picture being taken, at any time. Had no choice in the matter this time, regrettably. Next time I’ll wear a hat!