by fmhilton

This week I’m gonna skip badgering you with a barrage of words. (“thank god, she finally shut up…”) and just give out pithy comments on various things.

First: My big mouth got me featured at TechDirt!

For editor’s choice, we start with FM Hilton responding to Rep. Mike Rogers, who called Snowden a traitor and argued for “theft of government property” charges:
It’s still true
You can’t fix stupid, but you can get them elected to Congress.

That was pretty funny to them, and me. I thought I’d ripped off Molly Ivins, actually, but I searched all over and she never said such a thing. So I haven’t committed plagiarism-although she’d probably would have said it if she’d had a chance.

Next: did you know that Forbes has finally made a list of all the trite and trivial clichéd sayings that MBA’s are famous for?
You know them, probably by heart:

It’s a win-win
We’re data-driven
I’m a team player/we only hire team players
Let’s right-size it

And more than you ever want to hear in your lifetime..

The Chinese have now made it mandatory that children must keep in touch with their parents. I always thought that was Law 201 of being a child: “Thou shalt call your family at least once a week.”
Obviously, it has become necessary to make kids call home to bug the elders for more money…

New wording in the law requiring people to visit or keep in touch with their elderly parents or risk being sued came into force Monday, as China faces increasing difficulty in caring for its aging population.

A sad commentary on how a society can lose touch with its’ roots.

Next: I finally discovered the most over-paid executive in the entire universe:

John Hammergren, 54, CEO of McKesson , the nation’s largest drug distributor: $159 million dollars in pension, plus other benefits:

It has also been reported that Hammergren would be entitled to a whopping $469 million if he were let go because of a change in control of the company.
What happens if Hammergren passes away unexpectedly or becomes disabled? According to the most recent proxy statement, he or his heirs get $260 million

I can well imagine that he’s an MBA who is fond of those cliches that were just mentioned-plus the fact that he’s in a sweet spot rarely held by anyone else. Must be nice to be a Master of the Universe, huh, even if your company has been successfully sued for fraud by various parties:

One more interesting note about Hammergren’s tenure at McKesson: He may have brought the firm through the HBOC accounting scandal but McKesson has been sued for inflating prescription drug prices and other misdeeds involving drugs.
It reportedly paid more than $190 million to settle claims that it inflated the prices of various prescription drugs between 2001 and 2005, and then a jury ruled in October 2011 that McKesson should pay a $17.9 million penalty for its responsibility when colonoscopy patients allegedly contracted hepatitis because McKesson, along with Baxter International, distributed reusable vials of an anesthetic.

Thus to the end of this latest diatribe: I also commented on an article at the NY Times which featured the Texas Death Row Information page.

It’s a list of all 500 death row inmates who have been executed-their last words and rap sheets. I took notice that there seems to be a majority of blacks who have been executed.

That seems to link to the latest legislative push in Texas to outlaw almost all abortions, I would say-but that would be too convenient, wouldn’t it?

After all, most of these laws are being passed by white men who have no clue what having a child is actually like. Bet they’d change their minds if they had to go through half of what this woman went through.

Or as the old feminist saying goes: “If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament.” Erica Jong had a very nice article on that very subject way back in 2008.

Just shows you that some fights never end.