Total Information Absurdity

by fmhilton

There has been much made of the recent revelations about the NSA and their spying program, PRISM .

In my view, it shouldn’t exist, or if it must exist, be so wide-ranging. I believe it is not only illegal but also unconstitutional.

But enough of the serious stuff.

There’s another aspect of this entire mess that hasn’t been brought up, and it really should be.

It’s actually pretty funny when you think about it, too.

No, not the fact that they can capture every single phone call, number and email from every single American. That’s a legitimate cause for concern.

It’s the fact that the average email account gets huge amounts of spam. I looked at my spam and regular email accounts just recently.

100 of each or more-and growing every time I open my email account. Because I have more than one folder in my email, of course I’m going to get more spam.

And I do.

Ads: “Work from home!” “Single women want to meet you!” (never mind that I’m a female and I’m not interested.) “Amazing Diet Secrets Nobody told you about!”

That’s just in my regular email folder.

My actual Spam folder has such juicy things as:

“Canadian Pharmacy-Viagra, Cialis and Levitra 80% off!”
“Reverse Mortgage Calculator: New FHA Reverse Mortgages for Seniors”
“Christian Singles: Meet Christian Singles for free!”

150 of them..all advertising things I’m not interested in.

I’ve decided that if the NSA really wants it that badly, they’re welcome to read all my spam messages all they want.

Then there’s my cell phone data. Of course because I hate cell phones with a passion, I rarely use mine, except to make quick calls to my husband or work.

They’re boring. “What do we need from the store?”-and my cell phone messages are just as bad: lists of things I have to buy before I come home from work.

For instance, a recent one:
“Toilet paper, milk, paper towels.

What exciting stuff!

Then you have to remember all those people calling one another on their cell phones. What do they really talk about?

Oh, I didn’t know that! Totally rad…

Teenagers are even worse-by far, the majority of them sit on their phones saying:

“Uh, oh’…”oh, really.” “I’m bored.” “Whatcha doing” “”

It’s been noted that teens can spend hours if not months saying absolutely nothing to each other, with the same kind of excitement that goes along with washing your hair.

On regular phone lines, you have to contend with:

“Rachel of Credit Card Member services” .

She’s so ubiquitous that she should be made into a TV series . Who hasn’t heard her lovely voice on their phone telling people that they must contact her?

Or perhaps every single election season, there’s every single candidate you’ve never heard of asking you to vote for him/her.

Then there’s polling. All kinds of polling. Medicare, special interest, you name it, they’re out to get your take on their group.

So yeah, if the NSA really wants to gather all this data, I’d say let them.

Because it’s costing them space and time to do it, and the data is absolutely trivial.

We’re paying for them to collect all of our email spam, and we’re outraged at it?

Hey, why not just send the spam directly to them and let them deal with it?

Watch the NSA’s computers choke on it. No wonder they need to build more and more data centers: Because the spam is overwhelming them.