Spies and Lies

by fmhilton

With the rather unsettling news that the government is collecting all your phone data, it is no longer a fiction that Google is working hand in hand with the NSA. It’s no longer a conspiracy theory.

It’s reality.

How prevalent is it? Looking through some articles, it is very widespread, and getting broader.

Not only does the government collect all your phone records (and it’s not isolated to Verizon, either. All of the phone companies give them information.) they also grab all of your Facebook stuff, anything you write on Google, Yahoo, or just about any forum you care to name.

They do it legally, empowered by the Patriot Act. Specifically, section 215.

A while back there was a great hubbub to pass SOPA. Then there was CISPA. Both were defeated in Congress, but it really doesn’t matter if they were.

Your privacy is gone.

Anything you say or do is now subject to government view.

“I’m not so worried. I have nothing to hide. I’m not a terrorist.”

That is the most insane statement anyone can ever utter.

You do have something to hide. Somewhere in your life, you did something wrong. Think they can’t find out? Think they can’t do anything about it? Think again.

Because they can link anything now to you. Say you lied to the IRS about your taxes. The IRS doesn’t know, but you write something on a site about how you got away with it…and then you will find that suddenly you’re being called by the IRS. They’d like to see all the past 10 years of your tax records.

It isn’t a request. It’s an order, and you have to appear before them in 2 weeks.

Or perhaps you lied on an employment application that you had never been arrested. But that’s not true, you got busted for having some pot on you. Minor infraction, and the judge let you go with a fine.

That’s public information. The government and your employer can go through any and all criminal records that you have ever accumulated in your lifetime. If you got busted for something, somewhere there’s a record of the court date, and the conviction. Court records don’t get burned as promptly as you think they do.

Or you lied on your mortgage application..or anything you care to choose.

Your digital information is now available. All of it.

Because they can now find out-and without any reason whatsoever..because they can.

Then they can put all of this information together, put it into a file, and then proceed to make your life a lot more difficult:

  • You can’t get credit.
    You get turned down for jobs-even the easiest ones.
    Your bank account suddenly gets emptied.
    Your phone gets tapped.
    You get stopped for any minor traffic infraction.
    You get fired from your job because ‘something came up’ in your records.
    Your kids get taken away.
    Your bank is calling you about your mortgage.
    Your credit card information gets stolen.
    Your insurance company has just disqualified you for coverage.
    Your name suddenly appears on the “No-Fly list” reserved for those who are not allowed to fly, period.
    You get searched every time when you go to the airport.
  • The list is endless, and then it’s just a few small steps from ‘ordinary American citizen’ to ‘suspected terrorist’, isn’t it?

    And you say that you have nothing to hide.

    Remember the movie “Enemy of the State“, with Will Smith?

    Sounded far-fetched, and yes, there were parts of it that still defy logic.

    But it can happen, if the wrong people have the wrong information about you.

    Because you can’t correct this information. It’s theirs, not yours. You have no rightto ask any questions about it.

    Do you really trust the government now?