The State of LePage

by fmhilton

Last time I wrote about our ‘disaster in chief’, he was apologizing for some very nasty remarks about the IRS.

After that episode (save the warning on the state budget) he was very quiet and seemed to have learned his lesson.

But that peaceful interlude ended last week when he and the Legislature had a 3 round fight, over several things-and all of them had reactions from LePage which were just plain stupid.

First, the Maine Legislature passed a bill linking a Medicaid expansion with our huge hospital bill that we owe all of the state’s hospitals. LePage had warned and then carried out his threat to veto it promptly, which in turn got all of our elected reps all in a thither, furious and just plain disappointed in this development.

So much for that. Then it was onto a second piece of business: because LePage firmly believes in freedom of speech (nevermind that mural flap, that was his win.) he had put up a large TV monitor just outside his office in the State House displaying his disappointment with the impasse over the hospital bill thing, and asking “What’s the holdup?” Crude and rude, I’d call it. The people at the State House took prompt offense, and I don’t blame them.

That action started an on-going and furious argument between him and the entire state government: it’s against the rules of the State House to have a public display of any political nature in common areas. It doesn’t matter who does it, or why-it’s just plain not acceptable . It’s called ‘politicking’ and it’s not considered good manners, although the message has been lately changed. The intent is still offensive.

The leaders of both parties decided to call him on it. LePage has now decided that he wants to move his office out of the State House. He’s running 3 for 3 so far.

Then as a real topper for the week, he decided that he wants to not only run the State of Maine by remote control, he wants to be the one to speak for the entire state government on any issue before the budget committee. This man is a wonder, isn’t he?

I say let him move out of the State House and put someone else who happens to respect the State of Maine, its laws, people, and customs to take over and do the job he is evidently incapable of doing within the law, with any kind of intelligence, courtesy or common sense.

I’d call it an improvement over what we’ve endured so far, wouldn’t you?