Santa weeps tonight

by fmhilton

The headlines are horrifying:

“26 dead in Elementary school shooting”

“20 Children dead in school rampage.”

This comes 2 weeks before Christmas, when every child in the US is eagerly looking forward to the day that they go downstairs and open up their presents.

These children will never get that chance.

Their parents will never have another serene, happy Christmas for the rest of their lives.

Because someone else decided that he was the master of their lives, and took away whatever peace, love and joy that this season is supposed to represent.

This is what a teacher at that school said:

First grade teacher Kaitlin Roig, 29, locked her 14 students in a class bathroom and listened to “tons of shooting” until police came to help.

“It was horrific,” Roig said. “I thought we were going to die.”

She said that the terrified kids were saying, “I just want Christmas…I don’t want to die. I just want to have Christmas.”

What the hell is wrong with our society? Why does this happen more and more often?

Just 4 days ago, there was another mass shooting at a mall. Before that, there was one during a Batman premiere.

It’s not enough to show our outrage.

It’s not enough to cry.

It’s time we did something about this, and act to make it impossible for another person to wipe out lives as easily as putting clips into an automatic weapon.

According to sources, Lanza shot his mother in the face, then left his house armed with at least two semi automatic handguns, a Glock and a Sig Sauer, and a semi automatic rifle. He was also wearing a bullet proof vest.

Mind you, it’s not about gun control, although reinforcing the Brady Bill would certainly help.

From 1994 through 2009, over 107 million Brady background checks were conducted. During this period 1.9 million attempted firearm purchases were blocked by the Brady background check system, or 1.8 percent. For checks done by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 2008, felons accounted for 56 percent of denials and fugitives from justice accounted for 13 percent of denials. In 2009, felons accounted for 48 percent of denials and fugitives from justice accounted for 16 percent of denials. Between 2000 and 2009, over 30,000 denials were reversed on appeal. In April 2009, the FBI announced it had completed its 100 millionth NICS approval since its inception 10 years before.

Prosecution and conviction of violators of the Brady Act, however, is extremely rare. During the first 17 months of the Act, only seven individuals were convicted. In the first year of the Act, 250 cases were referred for prosecution and 217 of them were rejected.

In specific detail, this page shows what is wrong with this law:

While the Brady law requires criminal background checks of purchases from federally licensed dealers, it does not require background checks for sales from unlicensed sellers. Convicted felons, domestic violence abusers, and those who are dangerously mentally ill can walk into gun shows or flea markets and buy firearms from unlicensed sellers. In addition to gun shows and flea markets, criminals use classified ads and even the Internet to buy and sell guns without a background check.

That’s the weakest point of this law: where mentally ill people can buy guns if they pass all the other checks for purchase, or obtain them illegally.

We need a system to stop them from gaining access to automatic weapons. Sorry if it intrudes on their rights, but don’t potential victims also have a right to live?

And that’s why tonight, the North Pole is in mourning:

20 children died today because someone else decided to not let them have their Christmas.

We must stop the carnage before someone else’s Christmas is utterly ruined by the sounds of gunfire.