The news as gossip

by fmhilton

Married man has affair. Wife said to be upset

“Mistress sends nasty emails to another woman”

“Trampy social climber reveals all emails.”

“Pals have indiscreet indiscretions.”

“Arrogant schmuck gets caught with his pants down.”

Sounds boring-and I’m sure that the Onion did it much better than I have…oh, wait, they did:

Sources: Petraeus Knew About Affair For More Than A Year

Now, in this day and age, when we’ve all become jaded by the never-ending National Enquirer-type news, it’s hard to understand why the media is going so hog-wild over this kind of “news”.

Because it is boring.

Even when the ‘married man’ happens to be a Washington insider with power-a so-called “hero” who has been responsible for our increased involvement in a unnecessary war which has cost us millions of dollars and thousands of unneccesary deaths.

A military leader who had become so arrogant as to tell the President that committing more troops to a wasted war would be a great thing.

This is what happens when we allow our sense of decorum and taste to be dictated by people who have none.

In another age, it would have been called “Yellow Journalism”, and it hasn’t changed since then.

Why the fascination with this kind of  ‘news’? Because it sells papers.

That’s what is really disturbing: we pay for gossip five times over when it is about people in power, who think they’re above the law of society.

You get what you pay for.

But it doesn’t qualify as news-simply very common gossip-and we pay to read it.

That says a lot about us, doesn’t it?