The Rape Culture of the GOP

by fmhilton

Remember my blog post: “Republicans hate all women” ?

I was thinking at that time it was a series of stupid statements by ignorant people.

I really thought at that time it was a small segment of their membership. I thought, “surely the entire Republican party can’t be all this awful.”

Little did I know then, because I was proven wrong again-just yesterday:

Another Republican running for office made statements that are not only offensive, ignorant and repellent, they reinforce my earlier statement and belief that many Republicans are misogynist, IE, women haters.

GOP Sen. Mourdock: ‘God Intended’ Pregnancies From Rape

What is it with these people? Why do they say these horrible things? Why do they insist on being such despicable human beings that cannot allow a woman to have reproductive freedom?

To condemn a woman who has been the victim of a rape to undergo 9 months of living with her attacker’s unwanted sperm and to give birth to an unwanted child from that crime is beyond comprehension.

    It is barbaric.

To victimize the victim over and over again is truly their choice of action. These people see nothing wrong with it. They don’t believe there’s a crime that has been committed.

It comes down to this very basic fact: they also secretly believe that rape victims ‘deserve’ their fate, and thus because of what happens, they must suffer even more.

This is hatred of women at its’ worst: the belief that all women are whores, and deserve nothing more than contempt. We deserve to suffer for the ‘crime’ of being a female.

That’s hate, pure and simple.

This is how to stop this crap, once and for all:

Vote the bastards out.

Don’t allow them to tell us what our rights should or should not be, according to their religious doctrine!


To reiterate:

Don’t vote for them. They’ll strip you of your rights faster than you can blink your eye. They’ll do it without remorse, explanation or apologies.

They don’t care about your individual rights or needs.

Because they hate you. They really despise you, and they’ll make your life a living hell on earth.

Don’t cast a vote for any Republican at all, please..for the sake of the women in your life, or yourself.