A Public Embarrassment

by fmhilton

Maine’s Governor, Paul LePage, has unleashed another round of incredibly insensitive, tasteless and crass remarks in his latest weekly radio address, by calling the IRS and the Obama administration “The Gestapo” for the recent ruling on the ACA that was just issued by the Supreme Court.

He likes to believe he’s being honest.

He’s not. He’s a gutter punk with a degree, and he’s proud of being a Tea Party Republican. These latest remarks only prove the fact that he has no class and no understanding of history.

To liken our tax revenue system to that of the torture and killing machine of Nazi Germany is over and above being incendiary. It’s being totally oblivious to history.

But it’s the latest stunt he’s pulled in a long line of similar if not worse:

He appointed his own daughter to an adminstration post-at a starting salary of $42,000, even though she had absolutely no work history to qualify her for the position.

The Daily Beast did an article about him and his ‘foot in mouth’ disease:

” On the eve of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, he told the NAACP to “kiss my butt.”

He defended a campaign to lift a ban on the endocrine disruptor bisphenol-A in baby bottles by joking that the worst thing that could happen is “some women may have little beards.”

Then he had a mural illustrating the history of Maine’s labor movement taken out of a Department of Labor waiting room after an anonymous letter compared it to murals in North Korea aimed at “brainwashing the masses.” The removal triggered large protests by artists and union members, and a possible federal Department of Labor fine in excess of $60,000, for breaching the terms of a grant that helped cover the mural’s purchase, and widespread editorial condemnation, with the Bangor Daily News describing the act as “straight out of Orwell’s world.”

He also stated that all those people on Social Security Supplemental income should “get off the welfare rolls and get back to work” because they’re all lazy. But he doesn’t think that his pension should be taxed, either.

Just this past month, he froze funding from publicly approved bonds to help communities improve certain areas for business.

No wonder Alternet voted him as one of the worst governors in the United States:

Where did this person come from, anyway?

To be honest, the streets, literally.

He evidently thinks that the people of Maine deserve no better than what he endured.

We, the people of Maine, do not deserve this person to speak for us. He is a public embarrassment.

We deserve far better, and the fact that we do not have a recall option for his removal is lamentable. It didn’t stop a lot of people from trying to institute one, though.

Most of us cringe every time he opens his mouth, and are ashamed to know that whatever he says, reflects on this state.

Sadly, we have 2 more years to endure from him. Maine’s public persona may never recover from the damage that this person has done to our image as a moderate, and even liberal state.

To wit: Paul Lepage does NOT represent the entire State of Maine. He represents only himself and his narrow-minded, bigoted ignorance.

Never confuse the two, please.

The people of the State of Maine are far smarter and kinder than our present governor, and the majority of us would like him to just shut the hell up or resign.

Preferably both.

Saturday’s incident was just another example of his total lack of leadership and unfitness for the position he was elected to by a minority of people.

His administration can’t end soon enough.