The Inhumanity of Ideology

by fmhilton

For the past 8 years, the Republican Party has demonstrated how uncaring and unfeeling they are to the American people, time and time again.

They proved it with a flourish yesterday.

To do that, the committees cut food stamps, children’s health insurance and Medicaid, eliminated the Social Services Block Grant to state and local governments (which pay for Meals on Wheels, child abuse prevention and other programs) and eliminated a new fund intended to help the government liquidate failed financial giants.

Of the savings, $23.5 billion came from Medicaid and children’s health care; $4.2 billion from hospitals that serve the poor and uninsured; and $33.7 billion from supplemental nutrition assistance. In all, about a quarter of the cuts would come directly from programs that benefit the poor.

They will gladly gut key social services and safety nets for the poor in this country without blinking an eyelash. They will decimate programs designed to help the less fortunate, for the sake of the military-industrial complex, one of their favorite groups.

Thankfully, this bill also won’t pass the Senate:

The legislation has no chance of passing the Senate or of becoming law. The White House issued a stern veto threat, saying the bill would “fail the test of fairness and shared responsibility.”

They’re also the ones who tried to ram SOPA down our throats, and have already attempted the next step: CISPA.

How can anyone with a conscience vote for these people? How does one justify this kind of mindset where ideology trumps compassion, commonsense and basic humanity?

There’s one way to stop this: how about not voting for them the next time, huh?