“Have no expectation of privacy”

by fmhilton

That is the phrase that has come into use for many companies when dealing with their staff’s use of computers or other technology in today’s world.

It’s understandable from an employee or security standpoint. You don’t expect your employer to not be aware of what you’re doing with the computer or technology that you’re using during your work hours.

It’s a warning that all employees of any company understand, and follow.

However, it should also be used for your own personal computer use while you’re using it at home.

Because it is now becoming more and more apparent that outside sources are looking at every single email, (or hope to)and monitoring social networking sites and in general just snooping around your life.

The Internet is no longer anonymous, and everything you do is subject to outside scrutiny by others.

For instance: In England, they’re planning to actively monitor all the calls, and emails of everyone in the country. This article states that very fact.

Then there’s our government, which not only plans to eventually do the same, but they’re building a new and bigger complex in Utah to accommodate all the people necessary to do this. This piece tells all the details of that building.

Cell phones are being actively and routinely tracked, as outlined in this piece by the ACLU.

Not even your garbage is safe from prying eyes, either. Garbage collectors are instructed in the fine art of sifting for information and evidence through their daily garbage collection.

Here’s a good article on why the idea of privacy on the internet is nothing more than a fantasy: Privacy is a sci-fi fantasy

But, you’d think that all this was against the law, right?

Not in the United States, which uses the Patriot Act to enable all this spying.

Just because they were shut down from GPS monitoring does not mean the authorities are giving up on other ways of monitoring people.

Then there’s Google-some say it’s the biggest spying apparatus known to mankind. They actively track your movements while using their search function, their maps can track your location down to a foot. Do you really feel safe using that search function? Here’s one post about this.

Facebook is getting more and more attention than just for social networking-some employers are demanding that would-be employees give them their passwords. While not ‘technically’ illegal, it does go against common sense: you NEVER give out your password to any site any time to anyone. Not even a prospective employer.

So what’s the point of this post? To warn others that no matter what you believe, there’s someone who is watching you on the Internet, tracking your movements and hoping to collect data from you without your knowledge.

And that they can use what they find against you in the future.

It’s been said that “1984” was a work of fiction.

Not anymore. It’s arrived, and while a few decades late, it’s our new way of life.

Big Brother is watching you.