Can you spot the differences?

by fmhilton

There are some differences:

Only 2 of the photographs are from outside the United States. The rest of them are from the Occupy Wall St. movement or other peaceful protests.

From the top down:

This was from the UCal incident of November 2011.

London Riots, 2011.

OWS Portland Oregon, 2011.

NY City Police during OWS.

Another picture of the UCAL pepper-spraying incident.

The Egyptian police in the latest demonstrations of November 20, 2011.

Don’t they look similar?

Glenn Greenwald has written an excellent piece on how we’ve gotten to this point:
The Roots of UC Davis Pepper Spraying

Another article shows how much violence is being perpetrated at the OWS sites:
Too Much Violence and Pepper Spray at the OWS Protests: The Videos and Pictures

So next time we’re tempted to criticize other countries for their use of police brutality against protestors, perhaps we should look at our own.

It’s shameful.